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Solved the mystery of Mona Lisa’s smile

Разгадана тайна улыбки Моны ЛизыMona Lisa was sick.

The heroine of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” is smiling, cause she’s sick. To this conclusion, as reported by RT, made by scientists at the University of California in Santa Barbara and Harvard clinical and interdisciplinary center.

According to them, the Mona Lisa was suffering from hypothyroidism, which is characterized by a lack of thyroid hormones. Patients with hypothyroidism shows that women suffer from weakness of the facial muscles and, as a consequence, an easy half-smile.

Also experts believe that about hypothyroidism Florentine women of Lisa del Giocondo show depicted the portrait of the Renaissance master with swelling of the hands, small goiter, absence of eyebrows and eyelashes, thinning hair and yellowish skin tone.

Scientists have noted that a lack of thyroid hormones was the nature of many Italians who lived in the 15-16 centuries, and the cause is iodine deficiency and vegetarian diet.

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