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Solved the main mystery of Easter island

Разгадана главная тайна острова ПасхиFor the first time the Europeans arrived on Easter island in 1722, and was struck by dozens of huge statues that were there.

The mystery of who was able to make them, scientists have discovered only now. When the Europeans came to the island, the population of Easter was, according to various estimates, from 1.5 to 3 thousand natives. This number of inhabitants was not under force to create a number of multi-ton statues, which were applied monolithic basalt tuff.

With this type of work a handful of local residents to cope obviously could not. And giant statues still had to drag to the place of their installation. Thus arose the theory that it, like the Egyptian pyramids, the handiwork of aliens. But this version was and opponents.

U.S. scientists working at the University of California, as a result of research established during the heyday of the Passover, there were significantly more people, and this job was they. For the cultivation of Yam consumed as food fit only a fifth of the island.

When scientists analyzed the condition of soil and climate, that established, per hectare, it was possible to collect up to 5 tons of this product. At maximum harvest, it would be enough to feed 20 thousand people. Scientists have focused on the number 17500.

The number of natives could be enough to work on the idols of Easter. Then, the number has decreased because of infighting and exhaustion of the soil.Go to the Main page

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