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Solved past Europe’s largest megalithic circle

Раскрыто прошлое крупнейшего в Европе мегалитического кругаEurope’s largest megalithic stone circle, in ancient times had a square shape.

Experts believe that approximately 3.5 thousands of years Avebury was a site of a square shape bounded by wooden structures. Archaeologists believe that the site has gained a cult status around it was formed by the still extant stone circle.

Scientists estimate that wood square existed for several centuries, after which it was dismantled. Today its existence is evidenced by the characteristic marks on the surface of the earth that scientists first managed to consider from a helicopter.

To date, Avebury, located in Wiltshire (England), consists of three stone circles (one outer and two inner). A large circle was formed about a hundred stones in diameter exceeds 300 meters.

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