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Solve the mystery of “heavy bones”

Разгадана тайна «тяжелой кости»Scientists urge Teens to “move away from the screen, get off the couch and move.”

Canadian doctors called one of the main reasons that some people density (and mass) of the bone higher than the other. A study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.

Experts have shown that those Teens who during the rapid growth of the body participated in moderate and intense physical activity, in adulthood, the bone mass on average was higher than the other. Adolescents who led a sedentary lifestyle, such strict patterns were not observed.

To such conclusions scientists came from watching physical activity 309 boys and girls. In the future, experts plan to determine the optimal balance between the intensity of physical activity in adolescents and the pace of development of the skeletal system.

The authors encourage Teens “to move away from the screen, get off the couch and move.” Research scientists shows the importance of physical activity in youth for the strength of the skeletal system in adulthood.

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