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Solovyov opened a telegram and in the first post called the case Golunova “tempest in a teapot”

Соловьев завел телеграм-канал и в первом же посте назвал дело Голунова «бурей в стакане»

TV presenter Vladimir Soloviev started his telegram channel. In less than a day he was signed by nearly 4 million people. In the description of the channel only indicates that it belongs to the presenter of the program “Sunday night”.

Interestingly, on the eve of Solovyov, acting on air of radio “Vesti” said that watching what they write about it in the telegram channels. “So, I say, “Sentry” began to pour on me the goo, and then called someone and “Sentry” shut up,” said Solovyov in the air.

The wording “Guard” to threats Solovyov reacted with irony, noting that soon “Vladimir Soloviev would call someone to influence all of the staff telegram channels, good luck with that to him.” In addition, the “Guard” said that the opinion of Solovyov of the telegram-channel edition does not interest: “And if you’ve ever let yourself not the same tone in our address, we do not exactly miss. And then try to call somebody”.

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In a number of other channels after the appearance of Vladimir Solovyov in the messenger, which is already more than a year is officially blocked in Russia, wrote that the presenter is lucky that no Telegram reviews that users are likely very often could keep under his posts.

By the way, your first two posts in Telegram Solov’ev devoted the resonant case of the arrested journalist Ivan Golunova, who is accused of attempted sale of drugs. According to Solovyov, the emergence of this criminal case beneficial to liberal society, because, as a sure anchor, thus the “jellyfish whitewash his reputation, tarnished by a sex scandal”, “hammered the theme of “Sable vs Simonyan””, “demonstrates the ability to gather activists and a media shaft media.”

“For me it Golunova — revealing. It turns out that immunity is given not the mandate and not diplomatic status, and belonging to the opposition to the journalistic community. This is enough, without waiting for the results of the examination, to come to the conclusion that Golunov didn’t use drugs,” — says Soloviev. The presenter compared the attitude of the journalistic community to the point Golunova with “storm in a teacup”.

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Ivan Golunova was detained June 6. 8 Jun Nikulinskiy court of Moscow sent him under house arrest on charges of attempted drug trafficking (article 30, article 228.1 of the criminal code). The police claimed to have found when Golunova in his apartment convolution with drug mephedrone and cocaine. The journalist insists that they had been planted. According to him, the security forces beat him up and not allowed to contact his relatives. The doctors said that he found Golunova hematoma on the back, multiple abrasions of the chest, contusions of the ribs. It was also reported suspected concussion.

Golunov told the court that he considers himself innocent, and associates his prosecution with his publications about the funeral business, which had received threats.

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