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Solovyov has a new theory about who the “Evening M”. It Zelensky

У Соловьева появилась новая версия о том, кто такой «Вечерний М». Это Зеленский

The TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, a new version of who can be lyrical hero new songs of Boris Grebenshchikov “Evening M”. In an interview with TV channel “360” Solovyov is now suggested that this may be the President of Ukraine.

“Can be, of course, Mr. Grebenshikov has dedicated her song to the President of Ukraine… which is now very actively talking to the American media,” suggested the reporter.

Solovyov also hinted that speech can go about the presenter “adjacent channel”. “Why so was to offend a good person?” — leads his words “360”.


According to him, to rely on the opinion of users about the content and who is the addressee of the song, not worth it. “What I thought and what users of the Network — well, you know, it’s anecdotal. In the Network lots of users,” concluded Soloviev.

Previously Boris Grebenschikov wrote a satirical song, “Evening M”. It is published in its YouTube channel.

The hero of the song is described as “a true monument of our times” — “evening loudmouth”, it recalls the collective image of Russian TV propagandists. In the text there are the following lines:

“He’s what you want, tell and answer every question.

The people soul, and her penny, but we made them your bitch.

He shines like a new coin, with a drip lotions and nail Polish,

And when chavs crucifying Christ, he will explain why Christ is the enemy.”

They tried to guess whether Grebenshchikov in mind someone in particular, and listed the names of Solovyov, Kiseleva, Zeynalova, BRILYOV and other well-known Russian journalists.

In their social networks Solovyov somehow suggested that Grebenshikov was under the influence of the “Bandera Ukraine”. “The Rights Of Dmitry Evstafiev. Bandera Ukraine is a black widow. Its bite is poisonous. The effect is pernicious. That Grebenshchikov of the poet degraded to the kupletistom,” wrote the journalist.

Solovyov also tried to hint that the song is talking about the TV show, in which the word “evening” (apparently, meaning “Evening Urgant”). In response, the musician clarified by writing in the comments: “In order to avoid misunderstandings I want to notice the obvious thing — between “Evening” and “Evening M” insurmountable distance — between dignity and shame.”

And now Solovyov, a new version, different from the one proposed by users.

At the time of this writing the video had been viewed more than 445 thousand people.

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