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Solovyov complained of persecution by the “corrupt nonentities”

Соловьев пожаловался на травлю со стороны «продажных ничтожеств»

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov complained of persecution, which, he believes, he unleashed a Telegram channels and media. In the broadcast transmission on their own YouTube channel he called “scum” and “corrupt nonentities” of the participants in this process.

“Who for me pleads? The so-called Kremlin mesh? Yes, except my friends no one. Moreover, the part of the Kremlin mesh happily picks up and stirs” — he said, commenting on the publication of his participation in social networks, media and Telegram.

In his opinion, this is due to the fact that “different ladies, yesterday passionately loved one Kremlin tower”, decided to capitalize on the nets Telegram channels and now I see from him and his friends to the competition. “So plum starts, lies, gravy, slightly stained Solovyov. Because it is profitable, because they used to be mercenaries (hired soldiers — approx. “Of the”) — pretending they love the power and help of the authorities”, — was indignant leader.

He did not mention the names of people or names of organizations, but stressed that the representatives “really corrupt” and “at any time will run from the authorities, forget it, betray it.” “Because for them there is only money and nothing more”, — he stressed.

“They are beaten over the ears and say: “are You bastards doing?” And they answer: “Oh, it’s not us, it’s an anonymous Telegram-channel”. Yes, everyone knows who this anonymous channel. Everyone can see whose side you fight,” — said Solovyov. According to him, these people are “scum”, “no” and “corrupt nobodies”.

In April Solovyov sparked the conflict with the sports commentator Vasily Utkin. He called the journalist a mentally ill person for outrage at the actions of the Russian authorities in the period of the coronavirus. The remarks continued in social networks, and after a series of video messages to each other. One of them nightingales Utkin threatened with physical violence. On the proposal of the commentator to hold in-person verbal duel leading refused.

In October 2019, the presenter has stated that he is baiting. Then Solovyov during the radio read out a message listener from Tatarstan by the name of Hasanov with the words “lackey” and “putinoidy”. Reading the message from the user, leading imitated Eastern accent. He called the author of the message a scoundrel, which caused the anger of the inhabitants of the Republic.


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