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Sohu, China: Russia and China have forced Saudi Arabia to fall into your own trap oil

Chinese edition Sohu, noted the fallacy of rates Saudi Arabia to the United States and Russia benefits from cooperation with China.

Sohu, Китай: Россия и Китай вынудили Саудовскую Аравию угодить в свой собственный нефтяной капкан

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) by their actions on the outbreak of the “oil war” originally sought to compel the Russian Federation to play at the best USA rules. However from-for refusal of Moscow to make a deal OPEC+ plan of Riyadh and the United States failed.

The Chinese drew attention to the fact that the “oil war” was waged by the CSA in order to return Russia to the negotiating table and force her to take the decision of reducing the level of oil production that was vital to the American kancevica. Placing such an oil trap, the Saudis have relied on the US markets and Europe. In turn, Russia has gone in the direction of China.

In the end, it is now possible to see the physical glut of oil in Western markets. While Russia as a result of its turn towards the East was able to enlist the support of China and has recently signed a record deal to supply 1.6 million of oil to the Chinese market only in the next month.

“It’s safe to say that Russia, which chose China as its main buyer, will benefit from the market in their favor,” — said in Sohu, and then, summing up, told how Russia and China have forced the CSA to fall into the trap of their own: “Thus, the Russian-Chinese tandem has forced Saudi Arabia to cater to your own oil trap”….


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