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Sofiko Shevardnadze: “Cool, just love yourself and not to retouch the photo in Instagram”

2004/ 2018

TV presenter Sofiko Shevardnadze, a longtime heroine SPLETNIK.RU. We’re watching our social lives, and more recently, it also makes us an exclusive and resonant materials. Today we asked Sofiko itself to become the heroine of “Gossip” and tell the first person the story of his weight loss and love to the sport. A couple of years ago Sofico has revised its attitude to physical activity, nutrition, and most importantly — feel. The result was not long in coming: in three years, the presenter has reached excellent results and, importantly, adapting new habits into everyday life. So, read.

In every person’s life there are periods when he becomes the best version of myself. These periods are, unfortunately, cannot last forever anyway, so I thought until recently.

The first such period I was in early childhood, when I went to ballet school and was sure on the right track to realising their dreams of becoming a prima ballerina. But then, at the fateful moment when I was accepted to the Moscow school with the words “girls have a averages, but we accept it,” interposed my favorite dad and said that his daughter will never be a ballerina because it’s not a serious profession, then here are average data, and piano — excellent! And so I thin, ringing and fluttering butterflies for the year turned in a tidy and anger gnawing the piano teenager.

Then began a long period of adolescence, which gradually escalated into students where I am from chubby teenager turned into a young girl with impressive forms. And like everything was OK, and I was considered handsome, and cool guys looked after me, but that’s just lush student in the mirror was not like the thin and fragile Sofa, which I had. It took a lot of time in my life, much has changed: the weather, the country, circle of friends, I moved to live in Moscow… Now she in the body, promising a serious political journalist with the reflection in the mirror still not like the one I had.

Five years later after moving I was asked to take part in the project “Dancing with the stars.” By that time, ballet after school, I do not engage in any physical activity and literally a hundred meters could not pass without shortness of breath. I agreed. And it was not an easy path, hit hard five months. But this project completely transformed me, and the fact that we danced for five to seven hours a day, by the end of the project I began to look exactly the way I felt all these years. I looked in the mirror and saw a slender, drawn, bony young woman with large eyes, occupying most of face. It was fine, but the project ended.

I worked a lot and dance for five to seven hours a day have failed. Maybe only a few hours a week with my partner on the project, but it disappeared somewhere in Moscow bustle. In General, I danced less and less, and support the protruding bone on the shoulders and neckline proved a difficult task. I again turned to Betty Boom. Favorite was happy, but again, I didn’t recognize his reflection in the mirror.

After some time, my close friend who has fully reformed from a tireless party animal in a desperate marathoner and in love with the sport of man, I slowly began to beckon behind him. I resisted for a long time, because sports in my understanding, was kind of boring, mechanical and monotonous. Not that dancing where there is music, the purpose, composition, feeling. My friend know me very well, and understood that I, as a child: no interest will not do. It is very long I was lured and still managed to do it gradually — through architecture. He said: “You just briskly walk with me, and today you will show and tell about Shentalinsky mansions in the city.” Indeed, the time passed quickly. After Schechtel was Half space, and so the list goes on. Moscow was absolutely limitless in architectural resources, and I could not imagine how can you live a day and not to walk fast pace for 10-12 miles on different routes, in any weather. I irrevocably fell in love with Moscow and sports. Moscow began to seem not so vast — my body too!

Sport, of course, changes everything in your life. You walk fast or run in the mornings to music, and then gradually begin to realize that you’re life began to think faster. Sleep like a baby without waking up for a long time. Change of attitude. How come in the morning, inhaled the frosty air and ran, driving the blood through the body. A minute later feel like life is in full swing from the inside! Can’t describe the buzz of energy, which each time returns you to your original source of vitality. And vitality is youth. People spend so much money to fight over time, but the most priceless and irreplaceable do not use: movement! The essence of life in motion! Did a quick workout and a half hour in the morning — and that’s enough to have everything tightened, skin was glowing, light was prodigality, everything is rebooted, and forward, to conquer the world. No drugs of the last generation will not be replaced.

As soon as the sport you “suck”, you become more sophisticated. You alone won’t be enough running or walking. I want to change. Fortunately, the possibilities are absolutely endless, and every time you can do what you that day in the shower. I, for example, twice a week, especially when in the street slush and rain, running up the stairs in the stairwell. It looks like this. Include Bon Jovi and doing from 25-30 climbs to the fifth floor: then a step, then two. If the weather is fine, then two hours of very fast walking (12-14 km) in Neskuchny garden or in Zamoskvorechye. If I’m in a different city then walk a lot and go to the pool to swim an hour and to throw the burden of the airport, flights, acclimatization. With time came the understanding that the body needs to maintain muscles, so two or three times a week I go to the gym and doing weights with my favorite coach, which over the years has become a good friend to me. One day a week I give my body a chance to do nothing and relax.

The most important advantage — I don’t have to starve! I love to feed people and she is very like to eat. I understand that the activities I have created a sustainable base, where I don’t bother about the fact that we should have all just steamed, without salt and 20 grams. I eat three times a day, moderate portions. Try not to eat only the most obviously bad: white sugar, white bread, processed foods and pork. I eat healthy, not counting calories. Once a week, mostly on Sundays, to allow themselves any whim.

Recognize, body in addition to sports need periodic cleaning and reboot. I, for example, twice a year we go to a magical place called SHA. This is a wellness clinic in southern Spain where it is based diet is the macrobiotic diet. The diet is based on beans, vegetables, and teas, a complete rejection of animal protein. It is difficult only the first two or three days, but by the end of the week really there is a feeling of reboot. I usually weeks enough. And return sports also acquire new qualitative level.

In General, sport is a catalyst of fundamental changes in a person’s life. Five years ago I never would have thought to spend their holidays on the weekly cleaning, but instead would be late dinner with wine and champagne. The wine I drink now sometimes, but the sport itself is naturally limited the amount.

In addition to physical fitness, sports give inner feeling of confidence, strength, happiness and complete awareness of the flow of life through you, and it’s even more valuable. Yes, the body is no longer young, but you love it and enjoy it at any time. The more we invest in it through sport, the more we love him. And this time love can’t prevent.

If you change this internal paradigm of self-acceptance and self-love, is completely changed and the way we perceive the world: you do not worry anymore, will you love others or not, you will make an impression or not. Everything is much simpler: you like yourself and, consequently, automatically everyone likes around.

This happiness — to become the best version of myself, and the rest of my life. Believe me, it’s much better to look at yourself in the mirror and just love yourself than frantically retouch your photos on instagram, lime obscuring their complexes and fears of growing up. Happiness is in your hands. The sport in no time!

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