Friday , October 30 2020
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Общество ждунов

Will Putin remain in the Kremlin or it will be replaced by someone else- nothing in Russia will not change for the better. Vaughn Ukrainians changed Kuchma to Yushchenko in the elections, after the elections changed Yushchenko, Yanukovich, Yanukovych was dismissed “Maidan”, changing Poroshenko, Poroshenko tired — was changed to “tipping” the elections for Zelensky.

Zelensky good genuine guy. And? Ukraine has become easier? It ceased to be an impoverished Eastern European country? No.

It is not in power and not those who are there, and the reluctance of the majority of Russia’s population bother to creative work.

All waiting for a Miracle, some very advanced Economic Miracle, others privlastnye waiting for a Miracle from innovation, digitization, disruptive technologies, etc., and others — the admirers of Stalin, waiting for “Stalinism for others” that will come new correct strong leader and force others to work well and a lot.

But all these zdunov have one thing in common — to work for the sake of the Miracle to others.

But these other, capable, able and willing to work with every year becomes less and less. Who dies, and who goes away from our (and also Ukrainian) companies zdunov to work in other countries where they pay more, and lives more comfortable.

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