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Общество просыпается. Достали…

We cannot talk about democracy, freedom, human rights and the Constitution, while systematically ignoring them. This is about the Kremlin and its inhabitants, the adherents of Putin’s regime and its secret police. To paraphrase Lenin, the lower classes do not want to live as before. And the proof — mass demanding the release of prisoners in the so-called “Moscow case”.

Sulakshina center and supporters of the Party of the new type initially warned voters that the election this year, like all previous ones, would be rigged, adjusted in favor of the current regime, so participation in them is playing into the hands of Putin and the ruling group. However, everyone has the right to elect and to be elected.

Has the right, and options are limited Procrustean bed of the electoral commissions, curators from the presidential administration, regional administrations and thick wallets. And it’s not about who organized 27 July on the streets of Moscow, thousands (coordinated and uncoordinated) to protest against the rejection of independent candidates for elections to the Moscow city Duma. Not so important, what the citizens of the political spectrum, was detained by police, stamping indictments and court decisions.

It is important that violations of the electoral law — there is, protest of the people against unconstitutional actions and restrictions of their constitutional rights — in stock, riots rallies not identified, and the power, however, to the fullest includes repression. It even recognizes the Council on human rights under the RF President Putin. But hard not to see Putin.

Open letters to the authorities and in the defence of the accused was signed by the priests of the Russian Orthodox Church. “The trial should not be punitive in nature, courts may not be used as a means of suppressing dissent, the use of force should not come with undue cruelty. We Express our concern that the sentences are more similar to the intimidation of Russian citizens, than for a fair decision against the defendants,” wrote the scholars.

To them on today joined more than four hundred artists and curators of exhibitions, about five hundred of psychologists, more than two hundred Directors. Treatment sign as journalistic enterprises, and individual workers of a feather. Spoke in support of defendants in the “Moscow case” Russian writers and publishers, teachers and IT-professionals, students and doctors.

Even the Moscow city Duma Deputy Ekaterina Engalycheva invited colleagues to sign a statement demanding to stop the prosecution of the protesters. As a member of “United Russia” Evgeny Gerasimov commented on the verdict actor Paul Ustinov, who was appointed three and a half years in prison on charges of “vivanta shoulder soldier”: “I am outraged by the injustice of the imposition of this sentence, I believe that the court was asked to consider the proposed protection video — said Gerasimov. Three and a half years for what? To destroy life is to destroy the actor’s life is easy. I watched the videos that are in free space, and I did not consider it a violation of the law. I join the request to review the case of Paul.”

This fall will publish, and other open letters in defense of defendants in the “Moscow business” — this trend will be massive.

We invite you to review some of the collective complaints of citizens of Russia at the “Moscow case”



We, school teachers, with concern and indignation are watching “the Moscow affair”, which adopted a number of unjust sentences, trampling the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

People who were arrested for their constitutionally guaranteed right to freely Express their opinions and to freely assemble to Express it, arrested without cause, beaten, convicted and sentenced to imprisonment or large fines without proven guilt, with gross violations of judicial rights of adversarial parties.

Most of them young people, by age — our former students. We often learn about participation in public-political actions of our current students and can’t help but worry about their fate: our students are growing indifferent to the fate of the country, and we do not believe that exemplary bullying is an acceptable method of interaction of the authorities with young people. Moreover, the history of the country, which some of us teach, shows that it is a sure way of further growing discontent and radicalization of the protest.

Those of us who teach the literature of the need to study of which so much has been said from the rostrum, I can not talk with my students about compassion, empathy, of humanity, which is above the law. Russian classics that children are required to refer in their final essays and exam papers for the Russian language, for centuries, valued human freedom — including the freedom to publicly Express personal opinion and to speak out against injustice. The traditional system of punishments in Russia they are usually considered excessively violent, based on intimidation, inadequate to the gravity of the crimes, is not conducive to correction (here one can cite the example of Dostoevsky, Chekhov and Solzhenitsyn, and many others).

It is impossible to speak with students honestly and openly about the Decembrists on penal servitude, about the Gulag, about the “Twelve” the Block, “Requiem” Akhmatova, “One day of Ivan Denisovich” by Solzhenitsyn, and many other classic works of Russian literature, to teach them to talk about freedom of choice, morality, human responsibility for the society in which he lives — all that they from year to year have to do in preparation for the final essay — and to pretend that nothing is happening outside the classroom in a country where we live is not happening in our eyes, blatant lawlessness. It is hypocrisy and we don’t want to teach children hypocrisy.

Those of us who teach social studies and law, taught children that they live in a legal state and the basic law — the Constitution. But when children grow up and leave school, they find that the poster, which quoted article from the Constitution, can detain, arrest and to judge that the Russian flag law enforcement officer may break and throw in the dirt and it will be called the protection of constitutional order.

We do not flatter those who beat, arrest, unjust judge is also our graduates. That is why we are deeply concerned that the inability to exercise their constitutional rights for some and an opportunity to grossly violate these rights for others are two sides of the same coin, two areas of domestic policy, which excludes at the same time peaceful protest and tightened its suppression. Constantly working with historical documents and local literature, we know that the policy of the division of society is historically doomed. Physicists are well aware that the brewing boiling pot inevitably leads to its explosion; historians and writers know what caused the historical rate of the brewing boiler. None of us want to live in a society deeply divided into two halves that cannot agree with each other; none of us wants a repeat of the situation in which the crack runs in families, as brother rises against brother. We are deeply convinced that the unity and cohesion of society, about which so much has been said in recent years, is possible only on the basis of equality of all before the law, respect for the person and to the law, strict observance of human rights and the Constitution.

We hope that society and his power is able to learn the lessons of history, social studies and literature. We demand the release of unjustly convicted, to stop the trumped up case and give a fair from the point of view of the law assessment of the actions of those who beat people in the streets, arrested without guilt, perjured, wrote a blueprint of false protocols, carried out knowingly unjust sentences.

Otherwise, our country is doomed again and again to stay for a second year, having learned nothing from the school curriculum.

P. S. We thank all those who signed the letter, closing and signature collection. Voice teachers thanks to your support heard! Just signed up on September 18-22, 3473 person of the 75 regions. Let’s hope that together we can get that addressed in the letter.




27 Jul 2019 people went peacefully, without weapons, to Express his disagreement with the denial of access for independent candidates before the elections to the Moscow city Duma. This event was the occasion to initiate a new round of political repressions and to make the case about “mass riot”, the persons involved which were 13 people.

Journalists, eyewitnesses and participants of the action note that the action was exceptionally peaceful: there was no property damage, no violence by the demonstrators. But this does not prevent the investigators to bring charges, and judges, rejecting all petitions of protection, to be convicted — and in record time. At the time of writing this letter real terms has already received Konstantin Kotov (4 years in prison), Ivan Podkopaev (3 years colony), Pavel Ustinov (3.5 years in prison).

17 and 18 September 2019 outraged by the absurdity of the case, the priests and teachers released a letter in which they Express their opinion: it should stop, and the innocent — release. We, IT professionals, see the request to all the professional community expressed its position on this case, and also can not remain silent.

One of the defendants in the “Moscow business” became our colleague Aydar Gubaydullin. Aidar graduated from MIPT and works in the company “Sberbank-Technologies”. At the same time, condemned by our other colleague, programmer Konstantin Kotov: he got 4 years in prison for participating in four, because, according to the prosecution, he pursued “the goal of creating a real threat to constitutional protected rights and freedoms of man and citizen”.

This once again demonstrates the diversity of people affected by the repression: in 2019 in Russia, a defendant in a political case can be anyone and anything. Learn more about the participants of the case can be found on the website dedicated to him.

Our only requirement is to stop political persecution of the civilian population, to stop the trumped up case and release all defendants in the case of “mass riots”:

Eugene Kovalenko
Kotov Konstantin
Moneychanger Alex
Podkopaev Ivan
Radjabov Samariddin
Fugitive Daniel
Gubaidulin Aydar
Kirill Zhukov
Ustinov Paul
Chirtsov Nikita
Malyshevsky Edward
Egor Zhukov
Fomin Sergey

Urge colleagues not to stand aside and support this letter.




We, the students and graduates of Russian universities, demand the immediate cessation of the “Moscow case” and rehabilitation of all defendants.

In early August, the arrest of four Moscow students on charges of “mass riots” stirred all the University community. Many students participated in the campaigns to support them, came to court hearings, held protests and public meetings under the slogan “the Freedom of students, freedom of universities!”.

Today, however, beyond this slogan, we have no right. “Freedom for all!” that’s what we should demand now that our community won their first victory with the release of the student of University. Kosygin Valery village of Kostenki and student Bauman Daniil Konon and transfer students HSE Yegor Zhukov under house arrest and liberation, a graduate of MIPT Aydar Gubaidulina under recognizance not to leave.

We continue to demand the immediate release and the dropping of all charges Azat miftahova, Yegor Zhukov and Aidar Gubaidulina. But we also believe that all the “Moscow case” from beginning to end fabricated by the government to intimidate those who disagreed.

As recent events show, to achieve this goal failed — instead of fear people’s anger gets the better. In less than a day and an open letter with a demand to stop political persecution by the priests, teachers, doctors, it specialists, publishers, philanthropists, lawyers, journalists. At the call of actors, hundreds of people came out yesterday for many hours the picket at the presidential administration. The students from HSE, MSU, MSTU. Bauman, MIPT already made such statements in defense of their colleagues and against the cause of the riots. Now, after the first success of the overall campaign against the “Moscow case”, but also after the first deadline for the protesters, we can’t stay away and I want to declare a common position on behalf of the Russian students.

We demand the immediate closure of the “Moscow business” and to stop other political things — things of the “New grandeur” and “Network”. As students, we know that learning about the world and explore all its complexity is impossible without freedom of thought, academic freedom and freedom in General. We believe that this value now unites not only students, but all who hope to live in a prosperous and reasonably ordered world.

However, we have no illusions and do not expect that some of our words will be enough. From words it is time to take action. We invite to come to every court session, which will decide the fate of any of the political prisoners. We encourage you to take part in peaceful protests, demanding freedom for the defendants in political cases.

Students and graduates of Russian universities

On all questions you can contact the telegram-bot @svobodu_bot or [email protected]



We, the doctors and other members of the medical community, with concern and indignation following the development of the “Moscow case”, which continue to make an unfair decision. People are beaten, administratively and criminally persecuted, and then selectively and deliberately severely judged for their constitutionally guaranteed right to freely vyskazyvat their opinions and to freely assemble to Express it.

In medicine particularly strongly felt suffocating atmosphere of fear and lack of freedom, preventing to make decisions in the interests of the patient. For more than two years across the country are rolling the so-called “medical case”: the arrest and trial for unproven crimes of our colleagues. Some of them we managed to rescue from prison, but many are in captivity, and there are those that have not survived until liberation.

“Moscow case” clearly highlights that what is happening in medicine — a particular manifestation of the General crisis of the judicial system. So we know that to fight injustice in the attitude of doctors is not enough, the only part in the General movement against the violation of law will help us to succeed — to return to their offices, operating rooms, ambulances and offices, to do his favorite thing — the treatment of patients. We demand the release of unjustly convicted prisoners, close the criminal cases were fabricated to give an adequate assessment of the actions of those to blame for hurt innocent people.”

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