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Society is confused

Общество в замешательстве

Especially this point:

A focus on kremlinology: examine the balance of political influence inside the “towers” of Kremlin.

Others examine the political process: legislation and specific cases of changes inside politics.

Third Wang about “the growth of protest moods” and erosion of the project: the transit of 2024.

In turn, I want to draw the attention of those interested in policy on major changes in the structure of Russian society.

Very concisely, without going into details.

1. State employees from the regions represent non-consolidated socio-professional group with the greatest disappointment in the social policy of Moscow. Among them, begin to form situational “bubbles” spontaneous protest: the dismissal of the doctors, teachers ‘ strikes, etc.

2. State employees in the regions 2.0. All who render habitable the space around the regional administrations, but not included in the circle of beneficiaries of the regime (so-called regional elite, a number of about 300-700 people, depending on the capacity of the region).

These people are confused, trying to guess where does their Federal and regional authorities.

3. Families of military and police in the regions. Feel the growing discomfort a little worried about your future (job, salary, peaceful life). Keep passive loyalty to Putin, approve the policy of the fight against Western influence.

4. The precariat in the broad sense (all the community: from the Humanities to engineers and small businesses). Depression, sometimes there are flashes of a feeble protest activity without the expressed political positions: participation in meetings, voting with one’s feet in local elections, kitchen angry speech against the authorities.

5. Capital (inhabitants of megacities) liberal audience. Behaves as expected the crowd noise, like bright public gestures — open letters to leaders, letters of support, allowed rallies, war of the “Ukraine” and all progressive against all that is stagnant in social networks. Influence on the policy do not have, but I assure you that they are the authority here.

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