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Social networks laugh at the “miniature” Schwarzenegger

Соцсети потешаются над «миниатюрным» ШварценеггеромNext to this actor, he looks quite modest.

Users of social networks do not cease to laugh and be touched by them sharing photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Haftara “Mountains” of Bernson. If you always thought that Arnie – the most powerful man on Earth, Haftor easy to convince you, because the bodybuilder next to him seems so sweet.

Everyone knows Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the strongest and most iconic bodybuilders and actors. It could be said that the competition he could easily have made Sylvester Stallone or Jean-Claude van Damme, but the film came much more powerful opponent, who literally can outshine Arnie, this is a star of “Game of thrones” and powerlifter Hafthor Björnsson.

Recently the two actors decided to meet during dinner in the home of Arnold and capture the moment memorable pictures shared wife Haftora Kelsey Henson.

And fans have noticed something odd about that first didn’t pay much attention.

Haftor also published in his instagram photo with Arnold, who with his height of 188 centimeters, looks really cute and funny.

Great night with friends yesterday! Thank you, Arnold, for having invited me and my wife in your beautiful home!

Actually, this is not the first meeting between the two strongmen. They have previously been sealed together. Somehow Schwarzenegger even admitted that he feels close to Aftorom just Danny DeVito.

In the video the difference can be seen not so much, but look like they are having fun.

Less little Arnie is next to the Mountain looks except that his girlfriend, whom he recently married. In spite of considerable difference in size and menacing image of Grigor, next to his companion he is a real Charmer.

Haftor can also impress not only with his photos and his roles in serials. Star also has nothing against a spicy KFC wings, so happy to have starred in their new commercial. And you can guess what role he takes.

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