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Social media cheered the “double” shops in Crimea

Соцсети развеселили «двуспальные» лавочки в КрымуThe locals are not happy with this investment.

The network has made fun of the pictures of the new benches in the occupied Russian Federation Crimea.

Related pictures posted on the page “Crimean banderovets” on Twitter.

“The Crimea. In Sevastopol, the invaders, hastily mastering the budget solenostemon in December, installed benches in pairs and rows in those places where it was easy to drive trucks. Insanity grows stronger. Quilted jackets even complained, but to no avail.”, – write in Twitter.

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Соцсети развеселили «двуспальные» лавочки в Крыму
Соцсети развеселили «двуспальные» лавочки в Крыму

It should be noted that this budget was written and the local media.

As stated by publishing a “note” that the government of Sevastopol in December managed to master a significant portion of the city’s annual budget, made up to mid-November only 64%, thanks to these benches and urns.

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