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Sobchak stands up for accused of assaulting Lobkova

Собчак вступилась за обвиненного в домогательствах Лобкова

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak stood up for the journalist Pavel Lobkov, accused of sexual harassment. In the Telegram channel, she said she believes the ongoing hypocrisy, because, according to her, everyone always knew that pubic hair jokes, and was not harassed. He also advocated a General right joke for any occasion.

Sobchak said that for a long time worked together with the Pubic on “Rain”. After she left they stopped to chat, at the same time, according to a leading, Lobkov talked about it a lot bad.

“But. I’m for justice. Pasha anything alcoholic, like to exaggerate, a dreamer, but he’s NOT a rapist. And I never was,” wrote Sobchak. She added that he could obscene joke, but always understood that it was “harmless trolling”.

Presenter noted that it was important to uphold “the shared right to make jokes, to Troll, to mock, izgolyatsya and sarcastically ejectulate” for any reason. Sobchak also considered that what is happening to Pubic is an attempt by supporters of the “new ethics” to copy Western trends, “in the Beginning assembled in the West, as Lynch Kevin spacey and J. K. Rowling, and then decided “to buy a dress in the latest Paris fashions” and began to Lynch the Kolpakova, now Lobkova and many, many others.”

“It’s amazing how quickly the supposedly “progressive” community has taken over the functions of persecution from law enforcement bodies”, — said the leader described the situation of hypocrisy.

Earlier the journalist “MBH Media” Alexander Skrylnikov Lobkova accused of sexual harassment. According to him, the pubic hair during the internship was trying to kiss him, touch his hands, was invited home and tried to convince him in orientation. Skrylnikov added that Lobkov molested other young journalists.

Harassment Lobkova also told a former student of the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University Vladimir Tobacco. He admitted that the journalist showed his genitals during the interview.

Lobkov in response to allegations of harassment reported that it was brought up so that the boundaries were established in the process of communication. The moderator acknowledged that “came a new ethic, with its new definitions of bodily limits,” and stressed that this does not justify his actions. He apologized to those whom his behavior has caused discomfort.

Behavior Lobkova began to discuss in social networks after several stories about abuse and molestation of men to women. Mostly the accusations concerned former or current members of the media.

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