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So whether the useful red caviar – say nutritionists

Так ли полезна красная икра - отвечают диетологиNutritionists have called all the useful properties of red caviar, and even those which previously were unknown.

Red caviar is considered a delicacy and has an appropriate value. Ukrainians can afford to eat caviar only on holidays, but on new year’s tables are always present canapés with red caviar, serving as a symbol of wealth.

Nutritionists have identified the useful properties of red caviar:

1. Extends the life. Scientists have repeatedly concluded that consumption of red caviar has a positive effect on the human body, in consequence of which the aging process slows down somewhat, so life expectancy increases.

2. Increases intelligence. Most experts agree with the statement that due to the presence in the diet of red caviar mental abilities reach a new, higher level.

3. Restores power. The fact is that caviar contains a sufficient amount of highly digestible proteins, which saturate the body and charge it with energy.

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4. Helps to save weight and metabolism. Despite the fact that salmon belongs to the category of fattening foods, it can not harm the figure, because it is eaten in small portions.

5. Increases potency and helps to conceive a child. As it turned out, red caviar is one of the most powerful aphrodisiac and works not worse than oysters, only cheaper.

Scientists are confident that salmon contains countless minerals and trace elements. They are even allowed to eat it during fasting as the only product. Literally 200 grams of red caviar man enough for a one-week hunger strike to the body is not a deficit of any blood components.

Helpful information about red caviar:

– to test the shelf life of caviar, you should put some eggs on a plate and blow on them, if rolled — crisp, stuck to the plate — stale;

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– a jar of caviar production date of the product needs to be broken up, not pressed down;

– date of packing of caviar must have been July or August;

– previously, everyone’s favorite salad “Olivier” is prepared with red caviar;

– red caviar can only be 1 grade, the highest grade eggs are not produced;

Sakhalin salmon caviar has the most pleasant taste of all.

Quite a lot of new facts were revealed about the red caviar, which should further draw people’s attention to this product. Of course, the Christmas feast is not worth saving and decorate it all the same to be beautiful canapés with caviar and parsley leaves or lemon wedges, flattering the taste of caviar.

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