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So look new robotic legs for the US military. Video

Так выглядят новые роботизированные ноги для военных США. Видео Official tests of the exoskeleton starts at the end of the year.

The U.S. army starting in December 2018 to test the new Onyx exoskeleton for the lower limbs of the military, which resemble already received in the sale of exoskeletons for civilian.

It is expected that these devices will make soldiers of the American army stronger and more resilient – management system Onyx is able to determine which area moves the fighter, whether he’s light or carries a load.

If the operator is light on level ground, the exoskeleton just shuts off, but starts to provide support if the fighter starts to go down the mountain or to climb it or take the cargo and carries it.

The us military had tested a few exoskeletons, including robotic legs HULC, developed by the University of California.

The results of the experts declared that when moving through difficult terrain, the exoskeleton stops to facilitate the movement of fighters and even to some extent hindered him.

The fact is that when walking, for example, Bristol of terrain soldiers have to make frequent kicking movements that exoskeletons can’t keep up. Eventually move the test into the combat exoskeleton, and ended even more fatigue than if the fighters were moving without the aid of additional devices.

New Onyx exoskeleton, developed by the American company Lockheed Martin, contains several miniature servos, which on the contrary facilitate the movement of the fighter. Thus, according to the developer, the device is able to adapt to the movements of the operator and to effectively support it.

The mass of the new exoskeleton is 6.4 kg. For an eight-hour operation of the device requires the battery module with a mass of 2.7 kg and 5.4 kg for a 16 hour job. Currently, the developers are seeking lighter, and more capacious battery.

It is expected that testing of the exoskeleton Onyx will take the military a little over a year. According to their results, the U.S. Army will give Lockheed Martin recommendations for improvement of the device.

The American company expects to receive a contract for the supply of devices and to begin production in 2020.

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