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So look horrific consequences of exposure to hazardous weed

The guy from the US got burns, cutting trees.

Seventeen-year-old Alex Childress of Virginia a month ago, graduated from high school. To help parents to raise money for College, the guy began to cut the trees.

Work was over for the young man very quickly: on the first day Alex got burns of second and third degree from some kind of plant.

As he says the hero of the story, he cut the high weeds. Sheets at one point fell on his face, the first time any symptoms were not. However, after a certain period of time, the teenager began to feel an unbearable burning sensation.

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As the guy was wearing a hat, a shirt with short sleeves and pants, affected only the hands and face. The young man decided that his irritation. With the unpleasant symptoms Alex went home.

Already at home the skin of a young man beginning to break. The mother of a teenager soon realized that he had third-degree burns. The young man immediately drove to the hospital.

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Experts quickly recognized the consequences of touching the giant Hogweed. Damaged skin, according to the doctors, heal in about two months.

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