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So look for the world’s largest insects. Photo

They are real Champions.

Recently, in the forests of Madagascar discovered two new species of stick insects. Scientists call them one of the largest insects of the Earth. We propose to identify more bugs-giants live on the planet.

The Brazilian lumberjack-bolster

The largest representative of the species attained a length of 17.8 cm, these giants Live in non-tropical regions of South America.

The greater part of his life – up to 10 years they spend in the larval stage, the size of which can reach 21 cm.

Beetle Hercules

The largest representative Dynastes hercules reached a length of 17.1 cm circulated on the Islands of the Caribbean and Northern South America.

Adults occur throughout the wet season.


The length of individual types of Bogomolovym may reach 18 cm, the Mantis feeds primarily on other insects.

However, it is well documented that the biggest praying mantises are able to consume small reptiles, mammals and birds.

Stick insect Achrioptera maroloko

This species was discovered in Madagascar recently. Female Achrioptera maroloko reach a length of 24 cm

And the males of the species – very bright coloration, which helps them to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Phyllium Phryganistria chinensis Zhao

This giant insect reaches 64 see was open only in 2016 during an expedition in the Chinese province of Guangxi and named in honor of entomologist Zhao Li.

Found insect was postponed at the Museum 6 eggs, and the smallest of his cubs had a length of 26 inches.


This beetle, common throughout the Amazon, grows to 16.7 cm cleaver-Titan is nocturnal and hides in hollow trees, stumps and forest litter. In the adult stage it lives only 3-5 weeks.

Lumberjack-titanium demand on the black market. The price of one dried beetle can reach $ 1,000.

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