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So in Leningrad cute minx cheated peasant

Так в Ленинграде милые шалуньи надули мужичка

In the 20s of the progressive-minded management of a Shoe factory in LeningradSkorokhod” fuck that for child support its female employees who gave birth to children as a result of “public-regulated sexual intercourse with fellow-work” has created a special Fund which is deducted percent of the salaries of absolutely all men who worked at the factory. But then this advanced undertaking unreasonably stalled.

And there I was, at the same Leningrad factory, once already in the 60 years held its monthly production of the student’s practice mechanic.

And also impressive was the nature of a purely women’s teams. The fact that the plant had big conveyor shop with a female (usually the most severe, unskilled and cheap) labor. From the idiotic work, concentrated mutual influence and the absence of men women zverela. So unfamiliar young men to appear there, sometimes it was downright dangerous. Not only that, you can apprehension on the most unexpected occasion, but over the young guys there were cases of physical abuse: they did “hair”, “makeup lipstick”, and even in his pants poured white antifriction oil emulsion.

There was even a case when a lady cheated man. In the literal sense. Put his ass (pardon movement) hose from compressed air line… He didn’t understand the humor, and just died.

The bullying was very subtle, usually with a sexual connotation, but never selfish, malicious or planned.

And it was not the dictatorship of the proletariat: even the most militant of these women outside of the enterprise usually became lovely, civilized, nothing stands out in the crowd Leningrad ladies.

There were rumors and sometimes even wrote in the Newspapers that in other plants have sometimes made similar jokes.

It wasn’t always so sad…

Here that commented on this topic, but with a more optimistic ending Konstantin Lalkin:

“About the hype I heard, blew kid-fitters, at the Krasnoyarsk chemical fiber plant, there was almost 100% female team, and the hostel Combine, Krasnoyarsk among men was called TSPKH ( who knows – understands). The hose from the compressor tripped back to leaning at the bench the kid-Slesarenko. While the guy in the ambulance was transported to the hospital – he stopped twice, sisters and the driver came out. Having trouble breathing fresh air. When he came to the hospital – the kid is already alive , the air is pumped out.”


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