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Snow and a new fresh trailer for the Thriller WINDY RIVER

The trailers are long, for five minutes, but do not “cling”. And there are short, which fit into a minute and a half, but Wade almost to shiver. Another movie Thriller “Windy river” (Wind River) is one of those. The film is already in theaters, the USA and Russia, and in our country, hire is nearing completion, so if you haven’t watched it, hurry up. Well, either wait for the appearance on iTunes, as I to the movies on “Windy river” went only because my wife is staying with relatives, and she would also like to see a picture of Taylor Sheridan.

In the desert on the Indian reservation “Windy river” Ranger Corey Lambert finds the mutilated body of a young girl. An experienced hunter with a tragic past, he decides to help in the investigation, FBI agent Jane banner, which is in a world full of mystery and violence. But will they be able to resist the evil forces of those places where nature itself is imbued with bitterness and vengeance?..

They say it’s one of the best roles in the career of Jeremy Renner

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