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Snezhana Egorova delighted the audience with his new look

Снежана Егорова восхитила публику своим новым образомNot long ago, the TV presenter decided on a radical change of their appearance.

Ex-wife of Antin Muharsky and part of a popular Ukrainian TV presenter has shared new photos on social networks. One of the pictures of Snezhana Egorova signed:

“I very much straight yet categorically believed in miracles, the power of thoughts and that all I planned will come true…. SO THERE!.. Until then, until I became a MOM so much that I started to empathize, to be cautious, to be safe, to defend, to justify, to philosophize….. to philosophize with the “evil” which made. To doubt, to stop, to step back and wait, wait, wait…. While you’re standing at the bus stop, waiting for your bus, chance, fate past you quietly and without fanfare orchestra is your REAL LIFE, always inviting me to follow her on foot, in the fresh air, without crowding and with feeling – sense – arrangement…. but you have to stand and wait stuffy and sweaty, crowded public monster which will consume you in its womb and bear along the route,was invented not for you…… What am I doing? That better slowly,but with meaning than with the wind in the abyss….. In General, back to basics, again, believe in YOURSELF!”.

Members supported the three bears, in its principles, and also gave her a lot of compliments on the new hairstyle and image as a whole.

Снежана Егорова восхитила публику своим новым образом

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