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Snack before going to the supermarket may affect the purchase

Перекус перед походом в супермаркет может повлиять на покупкиAmerican scientists have found the effect of snack on the next purchase in the supermarket.

The study involved one hundred and twenty people. The buyers were divided into two groups, the first ate before visiting a grocery store Apple, the second a cracker, and volunteers from the third group went to the store on an empty stomach.

According to the findings, participants who ate an Apple, bought fruit and vegetables a third more than the second group, and a quarter more than hungry buyers. Afterwards, the volunteers acquired the products through the Internet. The results are a repetition of the pattern established in the first part of the experiment. While buyers are focused when choosing a product to its useful properties that it possesses in their opinion, not the actual use of the product.

Experts believe that if employees of grocery stores at the entrance will have to offer fruits or vegetables to potential buyers, people will probably buy more products.

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