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Smolny for 3 km of road paid to the company of Deripaska 20 times more

Смольный за 3 км дороги заплатил компании Деприпаски в 20 раз больше

Smolny bought from the construction company “Glavstroy-SPb” 3.2 km road 870 million rubles. About it on January 23 reports the edition “Saint Petersburg”.

The Committee of property relations of St. Petersburg concluded with “Glavstroy SPb”, the main shareholder is the group “Basic element” Oleg Deripaska, two contracts for a total amount of 870 million rubles. The first contract for the purchase of roads with a total length of 1.7 km in the streets of Nikolai Rubtsov, Fedor Abramov and Valery Gavrilin. The cost was 369,8 million. The second contract for 500,9 million rubles for three sections of road Yuntolovo Avenue with a length of almost 1.5 km.

According to the documentation, the width of the road on Parnassus – from 28 to 50 m in the Yuntolovo from 25 to 41 m. However, according to the publication, in reality the maximum width of roads – 22 m and 8 m respectively.

“Construction company Etalon” reported that quality road to two lanes with a length of 3 km can cost about 2.2 thousand rubles per 1 m2. Accordingly, the Smolny paid “Glavstroy SPb” 20 times more than it. The company and the Committee stated that the cost of the pavement determined the Center of the state examination.

“In this case, the redemption value of roads was set at their estimated cost. However, their market value, according to the report municipal government of inventory and real estate appraisal (guion), under KIO, higher cost, depending on the repayment”, — have noted in Committee of property relations.


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