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“Smile of darkness” Ramsey Campbell is now available!

Good news for fans of dark fiction in sales began to enter the novel by Ramsey Campbell “Smile of darkness” (the Grin of the Dark). About the book we talked about at the beginning of July, and now it can touch, browse and even (you never know) to read.

Right now the order is available in the online store book24, the price is more than adequate – just 314 rubles. Slowly the novel and appears at other venues, from day to day expect delivery in Moscow book, well, then plump Tomiki “Smile of darkness” will spread across the country. The circulation is not so great: 2,500 copies, so that the purchase is worth considering before books are available.

About Campbell not to say as a true master of the genre of prose. Among colleagues it is isolated even people like Stephen king. And king not just celebrates the talent of Campbell, and calls it the best British harriscom (at this point somewhere is sad one Clive Barker).

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Publishing summary “Smile of darkness” says:

Simon is a former film critic, people without work, prospects and the profession as a magazine where he was editor-in-chief, was found guilty of libel. When Simon gets an offer from the University to write a book about a forgotten actor of the silent film era, he grabs the last chance to salvage his career. The more the material is interesting: Tubby Thackeray, a clown, whose views, according to rumors, people literally died laughing. The comedian, whose films, which once put on a par with the works of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, disappeared almost without a trace, as if specially tried to destroy. Simon begins to restore the information in the private archives, strange circus performances and even pornography, but the more you advance in the study, the more his life becomes a terrifying nightmare from which like no way… Because Tabby had forgotten, and his legacy is associated with something that is much older film, something incredibly dangerous and insane.

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The book was published in the well-known series “Masters of horror” from the editors “Astrel-SPb”. This is the first novel of Campbell, officially published in Russian a major publishing house. This was expensive malotirazhki, the existence of which the author hardly knows, and a scattering of short stories in various collections. Actually, for these stories (“Fun”, “There”, “the Brood”) at the time we fell in love with Campbell. Now there is an opportunity to evaluate his large form.

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