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Smile from ear to ear: hilarious jokes from the real masters of sarcasm

Улыбка до ушей: веселые анекдоты от настоящих мастеров сарказмаFunny jokes for good people.

Sometimes that one good joke is enough to cheer you up.

We hope that among our humorous postcards will be at least a few pieces that will definitely make you smile our readers. Smile on health!

The judge to the defendant:
— Well, stop worrying and tell us how it happened.
— I’m terribly upset. And it was so. I sat and cleaned a knife and an orange. Then came this type, slipped on an orange peel and fell right on the knife.
And so three times in a row?

It’s 8 hours talking to a cat. She, in my opinion, do not care. Fur a selfish bastard.

Two guys talking:
— I argued with myself that I quit Smoking.
— Well and how?
How, how?.. On a case of beer came…

— And my dog yesterday, the house is gone…
I gave her the command to “serve”, and she put on a helmet and went into the army.

Sidorov, it is an outrage! Once again you’re sleeping on the job! From the first day you fired.
— So it’s first. What you have now-is awake?

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