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Smartphones Huawei has got a useful function

Смартфоны Huawei получили полезную функциюThe SOS function is intended for use in emergency situations.

If a few years ago, no one could not think that Huawei will be one of the most famous smartphone manufacturers in the world, now in such you can not even doubt, because she even managed to oust Apple taking second place in the ranking of the largest manufacturers of mobile devices.

The Corporation announced that its smartphones will soon be a new useful feature, and in some models it is already available. Within hours Huawei have released new firmware for smartphones 10 Mate, Mate Mate 10 Pro and 10 Porsche Design, which is suitable for the Chinese region.

She did it with publication in the social network Weibo. It says about the SOS feature, which is designed for use in emergency situations. According to official sources, soon this opportunity will appear in all other phone brand, even international models of smartphones for Europe and other regions of the world. The possibility of SOS called “alarm” is activated very simply. Need five consecutive press the power button, which is always the case which you can find in your pocket.

After that, the information about the need for aid will be sent in the form of SMS message to a pre-selected number, or even several. Currently, the new feature doesn’t quite work as they should in an ideal scenario. The developers promise that by the end of 2018 they will add in SOS function in the firmware EMUI support special settings that will allow the phone to send the geographic coordinates of the location where I need your assistance.

Moreover, they will be transmitted in real time with a delay of a few seconds to close people could understand where the person requires urgent assistance.

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