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Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6 presents officially

An official announcement of the new flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6, replacing the model of Mi5. A space in the name of the device supplied is not accidental — this is a new scheme of naming the flagship devices from Chinese vendor.

Xiaomi Mi 6 was supposed to be a revelation and a revolution, but, alas, the miracle did not happen — the cell phone behind LG and Samsung G6 S8, after receiving a legacy a Full HD screen to 5.15 inches. This is now put on the model for $ 200, and then still the flagship. But there are two main camera at 13 MP with a phone – and wide-angle lenses, and 6 GB of RAM and Qualcomm processor 835, a very fashionable nowadays. The screen is not lost, and under it there is a Home button with ultrasonic dactyloscopus inside. From Xiaomi Mi 6 there is no entry under headphones, but there is protection from water for an unknown while the standard dual front-facing speakers a La stereo for the poor and weak for such filling, the battery is 3350 mAh.

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Selling Xiaomi Mi 6 will come in white, black and blue body colors, as well as limited-edition silver shade steel (steel case) at a price of $368 with 64 GB ROM. Will also release a version in a ceramic case and 128 GB ROM, valued at $400, and the modification with steel body panels of reinforced glass in the style of the Samsung S8 will cost $425.

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