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Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix appeared on the new image

Previously published on the Internet pictures Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix, where the smartphone was the unibrow in the style of Apple iPhone X, was recognized as a fake, and the informants had to get out and look for his new image. One of them floated to the surface and then spread around the Internet, attracting the attention of the location of the front camera.

The iPhone X has a huge cutout in the screen under the frontalka at the center top edge of the display, Essential Phone this cut is significantly less, and Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix he did and moved to the top right corner. Looks very controversial and somehow in Chinese, what does the mobile phone of honor, but again, the renderer provided by informal sources. Front camera in edge-to-edge phone really constantly thwarted her not to cut, but if it is available to get rid of the part will not work, and even the original Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has a lower frame.

The main camera in the smartphone, as you can see, the single, which is not very good for almost 2018. In short, the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix so far is very controversial machine: Yes, screen frame become smaller, but the shortcomings revealed this fact does not outweigh. The announcement of bezrabotnykh is expected in December or early January.

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