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Smartphone Vertu Constellation 2017 has received support of two SIM-cards

The company Vertu unveiled a smartphone Constellation 2017, it is recognizable externally, and endowed, like all the “Twists” not quite interesting price tag. This phone will be yours for as little as 5,000 euros, and for the money it will be as much as two slots for SIM-card, and even with 4G in each of them. However, the radio here, as in cheap “Chinese”, only one, but the owner of the Vertu of this is not necessary.

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Paying 5000 Euro, you will receive Vertu Constellation 2017 in the case of premium materials, everything is fair. Of course, any skin of a young leatherette speech is not only worthy leather, snake or ostrich and only the highest build quality. But inside Vertu Constellation 2017 is of no interest, all he gives, we saw a year ago.

This mobile phone in the Arsenal have 4 GB of RAM, hard drive 128 GB and a Quad HD screen of 5.5 inches, and its processor is from Qualcomm 820 with four cores. Cameras are still more unhappily: 4 Megapixel front and 12 Megapixel rear, that is still less than that of the same cheap “Chinese”. Completes the picture of a battery capacity of 3220 mAh. The smartphone is running Android 6 a year and a half ago, and about upgrading to version 7 speech yet.

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