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Smartphone Prestigio Wize PX3: compactness and high performance

Russia, as you know, is in a deep economic crisis and the weakness of the domestic currency directly affect each of us, forcing to save on almost everything, especially technology. There is a perception that the budget segment of the domestic smartphone market is impossible to find model at the same time high-quality, stylish and moderately productive, and today we have this stereotype will break.

We will do this using a smartphone Prestigio Wize PX3 – trends on Russian market. This device can be compared with a gold nugget, sparkling on a background of conventional ore, especially that on the test we had a model in a gold case.

Affordable gadgets will almost always have to seek out dignity among a whole heap of flaws, but in the case of Prestigio Wize PX3 everything exactly the opposite: it is surprisingly an excellent model for your money, and this is no advertisement, but a statement of fact. We’ll see what’s what, and try to find the cons of this phone.



Prestigio Wize PX3 Packed in a box is not the sturdy cardboard in a combination of white and red colors. The image of the phone displayed on the top cover, and it is shown in that color in actually, the design and hue can be evaluated immediately.

From below in the presence of a lot of different text, from which we, as consumers, are only interested in the list of specifications: it is relatively detailed, which is not true of the list of the included accessories. It contains all the information and inside the box itself contains a nice surprise.



Happy owner of a smartphone Prestigio Wize PX3 gets along with it removable battery, charger, 1 amp and the manual. Manufacturer somehow forgot to put in the box headphones, but this is, unfortunately, a common trend – many have ceased to give this accessory its customers, citing the fact that headphones are often not used at all, or consumers already have a preferred headset. But in the box was discovered-branded protective film on the screen, and this is really a very useful accessory. However, it is not glued from the factory, so I have to put it on the front panel alone, but on YouTube there are lots of instructions, so the problem is not.



In the specifications of the smartphone Prestigio Wize PX3 is nothing supernatural, as it is an average of 4,600 roubles (the price for Yandex.Market at the time of writing), i.e. in the range of 80 American dollars, given the fact that this smartphone is officially cleared and have an official warranty and service. The list of features can be found in the instructions on the box and on the official website. Looking ahead, we note that the characteristics lies one, in our opinion, a serious drawback of the model.

– screen: 5 inch, IPS, 854×480 pixels, glass 2,5 D;

– housing: plastic;

– battery: removable, Li-ion, 2000 mAh;

– CPU: Spreadtrum SC7731, 4 core, 1.3 GHz;

– memory: 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM, microSD up to 32GB;

– OS: Android 6.0 standard interface;

camera: main 8 MP, front 2 MP;

– interfaces: microSD, 2xSIM, 3.5 mm, microUSB;

wireless connectivity: GSM, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM;

– dimensions: 144х71х9 mm;

– weight: 147 grams.


On the manufacturer’s website mentions the presence in the smartphone’s front flash, but it is not provided. Also note the lack of access to cellular networks to 4G, which means slow mobile Internet. However, LTE is not in any machine cheaper than 5000 rubles.

But most of us are upset with the screen resolution could certainly HD panel to deliver. But the matrix did not save, and it’s very important we consider this point below.



Prestigio Wize PX3 executed in the plastic case, and our copy has a Golden color, and the shade really reminds noble yellow gold, without any admixture of orange or worse, pink. The color is nice to look at, the phone looks more expensive and it looks great in both the male and female hand.

The front panel is made in a tone the rear, and it remains surprisingly little fingerprints. Behind the same – the panel is matte and non-staining.

Externally, Prestigio Wize PX3 is very pretty. Its design is concise and beautiful, and even the mesh speaker on the back panel looks quite organically into the overall concept. The only thing we didn’t like is the protruding camera, although it is only a matter of taste.

On the arrangement of elements in this model is nothing new: the bottom MIC, wired interfaces on top, the volume buttons and the inclusion, respectively, to the right of the screen. Note the presence of touch control buttons. The speaker here handed on the lower section of the rear panel and the top are camera and flash. The fingerprint scanner in the smartphone is not provided.



Smartphone Prestigio Wize PX3 just great in the hand, making no attempt to slip out and their not creaking plastic panels. Its weight in the palm of your hand is not at all apparent, and we also drew attention to the fact that visually and feel-it is smaller than other 5-inch phones. How Lenovo was able to achieve a similar effect, remains a mystery, but it’s 5 points, definitely.

Discrete buttons on the front panel is a huge plus, because the screen itself is small, and the resolution is high he can not boast, so if these buttons were virtual, they would have simply taken a huge part of the visible display area. In this respect designers are great, but the microUSB interface, in our opinion, would be more to place on the bottom of the case.

There are in Prestigio Wize PX3 and miscalculations in ergonomics: the location of the primary dynamics is badly chosen, it is constantly closed by the hand during use. Pay attention to the small plastic ledge on the grid dynamics – it is necessary here to when the apparatus is in the horizontal position, the sound is not muted top.

Also there are claims to the back cover: it is very difficult to remove, and itself is very flimsy, and the plastic legs, which she attached to the casing. Often take it is strongly recommended – there is a risk to break it in half.

The build quality of the smartphone, despite its cost, more than worthy. Sharp corners, no plastic, all the items on their places, and even the side buttons do not play.

In Prestigio Wize PX3 cannot accommodate hot swapping of cards: if you need to install memory or a new SIM card, you will first have to turn off the device and remove the battery.



In Prestigio Wize PX3 uses a matrix IPS, though for the money in most cases you can only rely on dull and outdated many years ago TN. The presence of IPS panel allows you to calculate, if not for the high-quality color reproduction, time machine budget, then at least for wide angles.

And it really is the screen do not fade, even at very extreme angles, and with the “colorful” all right. Although, in our opinion, the screen is clearly not enough lighting – it fades in the sun almost completely.

AnTuTu test revealed the density of the panel at the level of 213 dpi, but the resolution of 854×480 pixels, the grit is still there. The sensor layer responds to two simultaneous touches.

We would like to note the presence in this model the protective glass 2.5 D with rounded edges. It is usually typical for more expensive models in the segment “up to 5,000 rubles,” don’t have no smartphone.



Prestigio Wize PX3 got a very loud speaker, and loud in a good way: this is not acceptable in almost any outside noise, but he is not wheezing and does not rustle. The main speaker can not boast: he has a good mid and high frequencies, and even attempts to reproduce low frequencies, but the volume he is clearly lacking.

You are guaranteed to miss a call in the car or on the street, and save from this can only vibrometric – with vibration strength he’s all right. Check the sound with headphones, we did not because of their lack supplied.

The microphone in the smartphone has a moderate sensitivity, that is, it captures only a loud noise in a room where there are other people the source to hear them, most likely, will not. With the wind he can not fight the second MIC for noise cancellation here is not included structurally.


Software and memory

Consider the smartphone runs on Android 6.0 with a standard shell Material UI. There are no additions to the firmware, so that it occupies relatively little space – from built-in 8 gigabytes of memory is available 4.4 GB.

Thus in Prestigio Wize PX3 a lot of pre-installed third-party applications, 90% of which belong to the category of “unnecessary stuff”. Here are 10 of them and they all deleted without rooting, freeing quite a lot of memory. After the initial download, the user can use 421 MB of RAM of 1 GB.

And yet, by today’s standards of 8GB ROM is not enough – the navigation maps will not fit, the music not much to write, so you need a flash drive, and in this unit is allocated a separate slot, and not combined, in the SIM, as is often the case.

After first enable, note, on mobile it’s a firmware update that can be downloaded over a wireless connection. In the future, apparently, plans to release new updates.



The presence of Android OS 6 with its optimized algorithms with RAM makes quantity of 1 GB RAM is sufficient for this smartphone. Freezes were only on the first boot – apparently the unit something load need him. In the process of operation of the lag was observed, but if you run two heavy apps, for example, a couple of navigators, one of them is unloaded from RAM.

For Prestigio Wize PX3 easy start most toys with the exception, of course, those who need a powerful iron. Pro app and talk about – everything that you need to the vast majority of users.

The smartphone was tested in the three benchmark – Quadrant Standard, AnTuTu and GeekBench. The test results you can see in the screenshots, and I can only add that all three synthetic test was dissatisfied with the computational part of the CPU. At the same time the graphics card is integrated directly into the CPU, showed his very good side.


Work offline

Power system Prestigio Wize PX3 is a removable lithium-ion battery capacity of 2000 mAh. The battery is quite heavy, but at the same time thin, so it took a lot of space under the back cover and thus reduces the thickness of the smartphone.

The battery life of this smartphone manufacturer is not stated, so to compare us with nothing. In the standby mode when active Wi-Fi module he spent a week and discharged at 45%, so “sleep”, in contrast to many of the top models, the AIO can.

With standard use, according to our calculations, the battery will last for days on average, sometimes 2.5 days. But we have tried and wasted the energy for eight hours at medium brightness, this helped us HD YouTube clips and video games.

On charging from complete memory Prestigio Wize PX3 takes about 3.5 hours. It’s a bit much for the battery to 2000 mAh, so I suggest to use the chargers with output current of 1.5 ampere: we have tested, it works, and your smartphone charged in just over 2.5 hours, practically is not heated.



Front camera Prestigio Wize PX3, in our opinion, is suitable only for video calling as we may try, but to make a good selfie with it and could not. Camera afraid of twilight and cloudy weather, and removes only under the bright sun or bright lights. Flash it does not.

Main camera behaves much better, good shooting day and in the twilight. The matrix responds to changes of the frame very quickly even in the dark, but low ambient light there is a lot of noise and drops sharply detail.

Flash in Prestigio Wize PX3 based on a single average diode brightness, and it is not enough for photos. Its only purpose is to work as a flashlight.



Smartphone Prestigio Wize PX3 immediately makes a very pleasant impression when you first take it in hand after unpacking, and in our case, after all tests we give. The phone is really great, one of the best in its price segment, in our view.

Disadvantages he, of course, is: someone doesn’t like the low resolution of the screen, and someone is very surprised by the lack of 4G and will go on AliExpress, but our opinion remains unchanged: Prestigio Wize PX3 is a perfect anti-crisis solution, when more expensive cell phone no money, but I’d like to buy something quality for sane money. Below, we’ll briefly review all the advantages and disadvantages of the smartphone.


Pros Prestigio Wize PX3

– high build quality;

– compact body;

– IPS matrix;

– protective film kit;

– good performance;

– Android 6.


Cons Prestigio Wize PX3

– no headphones included;

– no 4G-modem

– low screen resolution;

– flimsy plastic back cover.

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