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Smartphone Oppo R13 is easily confused with the iPhone X

It looks like Apple iPhone X for 92 000 to know everything, because every day he flashed in the news and on YouTube. And it looks like the Chinese smartphone Oppo R13, not yet get to our country, but already found in China? Yes, exactly the same way: Oppo simply copied the design of the IPhone cleaned-up the main camera, which many people don’t like.

Judging by the photos, the front Oppo R13 is also a full tenth clone of the IPhone, and even a cutout in the top of the screen there, though I doubt there lies the analogue Face ID. On the other hand, Oppo R13 will surely find its customer, because the design of the new IPhone has at least one advantage – it is new and not yet worn, so it stands out from many copies of the iPhone 6, which, incidentally, was copied and Sevens, and Eights.

Officially Oppo R13 have not yet been presented, but probably it will happen in the near future. Note that Oppo decided to return to the mobile market in Russia after the fiasco in 2013 because of high prices for their smartphones. It is not excluded that R13 gets to Russia, where for sure will be in demand due to its similarity with the iPhone X, which here again, is 92 000.

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