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Smartphone OnePlus 6T appeared on the real photos

Flagship smartphone OnePlus 6T, at the moment not officially lit up on a very high quality “live” pictures. This is hardly a fake photo, because, first, the announcement of the device any more behind mountains, and secondly, the already known model, which will be copied 6T.

So, OnePlus 6T in the pictures you can see two main features – first of all it is a tiny cutout in the screen under the camera, with face recognition, significantly more compact compared to the gigantic monopoly Apple iPhone 2018. It is also impossible not to notice the presence of a fingerprint scanner directly in the touch screen – thing is very convenient and useful, and new ablation 130 000 of her at all.

Appearance OnePlus 6T reminds R17 Oppo and Vivo X23 – they copied the new flagship from the OP, albeit with some improvements of appearance. From the point of view of the hardware nothing downright new in comparison with the may 6 OnePlus isn’t going to wait – the amount of memory is unlikely to grow, and until Qualcomm introduced its new Snapdragon 855, so it will remain the same 845-th chip. In a word, from innovations in 6T OnePlus will only design and dactyloscopy in the screen. The smartphone show in October this year, but the exact date of the announcement and the recommended price for the moment remain unknown.

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