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Smartphone OnePlus 5T was modular inside

Less than a week ago, the release of the new smartphone OnePlus 5T, which has already got the blogger jerryrigeverything once. It is known for its eponymous channel on YouTube, where each video is testing the gadgets on strength and sometimes their autopsy.

Blogger gave OnePlus 5T hell, but the new flagship from China with it. quite decent, especially the test of maintainability. As it turned out, the internal design of the smartphone is modular, that is, the repair of most components will cost more than sane money, and to replace, say, the power connector does not have to install a new system Board. The battery in OnePlus 5T also changes quite easily, although it will take some experience and effort from a specialist, and only a screen replacement will entail a large consumption of time and therefore the client money, as it is planted on a special adhesive substance.

The disadvantages of the design of the OnePlus 5T was attributed a complete lack of copper heat pipes and plates that are used in other flagships to remove heat from the CPU and memory modules. They’re not here, and there may be significant heating OnePlus 5T during the games. We would add that it’s a smartphone at the top-end hardware, and it costs only $ 500, while his main rival, the Apple iPhone X is estimated at 92 000.

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