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Smartphone OnePlus 5 again in the spotlight because of another problem

Chinese flagship OnePlus 5, a potential killer of all top phones in 2017, while that is more reminiscent of molodyaschihsya old due to outdated design and constantly emerging “diseases.” Yes, inside of it by today’s standards a great iron, but it becomes more and more.

In particular, the owners of OnePlus 5 began to complain of problems with its screen, which are expressed in the image glitches when scrolling through pictures and pages. It is expressed in a kind of “jalaneti” image — it is highly stretched and shaking. It is obvious that this is a bug of the software component, but it has become widespread and many users even wished to return the smartphone manufacturer, if he does not fix his puncture in a short time.

Guide OnePlus, so famously paronomasia all previous attacks from critics, turning all the bugs in the features, this time decided not to practice eloquence and stated bluntly: the problem is not related to manufacturing or quality defect of the screen, and soon will be released update for the firmware that resolves this trouble. Note that OnePlus 5, whose design and internal layout blatantly copied from the iPhone 7 have already received a number adatom for the software, plus he was caught on the overstatement in benchmarks and alleged lack 2-fold optical zoom.

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