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Smartphone OnePlus 3T has not passed a comparative test with Vernee Apollo

In China has passed a comparative test of two very interesting smartphones released recently. In the “fight” clashed Vernee Apollo and OnePlus 3T, and the winner was decided almost immediately, although both teams had chances to win in many similar settings.

In a comparison test won Vernee Apollo, although appearance and body materials, it is very similar to its rival: as the OnePlus 3T, its body is 98% made of metal, with the exception of the radio transparent plastic inserts under the antenna, and its design is also made in the industrial minimalist style. The presentation of this model is available in the following video.

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Have OnePlus 3T has a lot of advantages over the opponent is 6 GB of RAM, front camera of 16 MP and AMOLED screen, but it was not enough to win. From Vernee Apollo also have an Arsenal of advantages: Yes, it has 4 GB of RAM and 8-megapixel frontalka, but its MediaTek Helio X25 contains 10 cores vs 4 cores in the CPU the OnePlus 3T. In addition, it has main camera of 21 MP (16 MP from OnePlus 3T). But the most important is, of course, is the recommended value.

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Obviously with higher performance and better quality photos of the new Vernee Apollo costs $299, and is set with a virtual reality helmet, whereas OnePlus 3T is estimated at $439. In addition, 1000 copies Vernee Apollo, the discount is $50, but for $299 you can buy the advanced kit with improved VR demo, the brand case and the film on the screen. Details about the event are at this link:

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