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Smartphone Moto Z (2017) knows the owner of the eyes

Protection of information is a trend in recent years, and in smartphones it manifests itself more often. Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition has long been not new, but recently they added scanners iris. Exactly one of these will install into a new smartphone Moto Z (2017), announcement of which will take place very soon.

Information about the iris scanner in Moto Z (2017) received by insiders and does not yet have confirmation, but the patent Motorola is quite. In the application for registration of the patent there is a description of the technology, which will allow you to unlock your device without touch and login to different online services and applications, again, without a single touch of the screen.

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The new flagship Moto Z (2017), according to rumors, will be released this summer, exactly a year later since the original announcement Moto Z, although the announcement may move to an earlier date. In this unit, we expect the Android OS to 7.1 from Qualcomm 835, the most up-to-date, and for some reason only 4 GB of RAM. Perhaps this volume will become part of the base set. Price and exact release date of Moto Z (2017) not reported.

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