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Smartphone Huawei Honor 9 showed up on new photos

Posted a new moderately high-quality photos not yet presented smartphone Huawei Honor 9, which may be only a new modification of the current Huawei Honor 8. In the fresh picture apparatus is embodied in a new colour — sky-blue mixed with grey and silver front panel.

Huawei Honor 8 went on sale in August 2016, so Huawei Honor 9 and the truth may come to replace him, not add to it, but probably it will have to wait another three or four months. From its predecessor, the monoblock is only slightly different, as for its filling, then there is the mystery of the secret — everything is hidden, no details. Like all Honor you, he will hardly get a really powerful stuffing in order to avoid competition with the models R-series, but among the employees it will definitely stand out, though it has not dual camera — she then, of course, but you can find many inexpensive models.

There is another assumption: Huawei Honor 9 do not just replace Huawei Honor 8, but not be its most basic version with a weaker CPU and less RAM. Will release him, according to the rumors, in developing countries, where the population is not willing and able to buy expensive vehicles due to the poor economy. We prefer the first suggestion, and you?

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