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Smartphone HTC U Ultra does not pass the test of strength

Top smartphone HTC U Ultra shown in the beginning of the year and last week released in Europe, was subjected to a test of strength. Despite the high cost, in the spirit of modern HTC, test it didn’t pass, being very dull in terms of reliability.

The resilience of the flagship HTC U Ultra external influences checked jerryrigeverything once, behind which shoulders any more one such experiment, so the results can be trusted. Cell phone, despite its cost, is not the most durable protective glass it scratches the material with hardness not less than 6 on the Mohs scale. Similar indicators and have glass on the back panel, but if you take something any more durable, the glass is not just scratched, they get all cracked and deteriorating. This equally applies to the glass of the camera module. But the trials HTC U Ultra is not over. Mobile phone absolutely no resistance to bending, so if you put it in your back pocket and sit down, then it will take the shape of your bottom.

A similar problem was the IPhones as much as three years ago, but HTC for some reason decided to fill their own cones. You can make the assumption that HTC U Ultra so fragile because that’s so beautiful, because the design is very interesting, but who will see it, if with such a high probability of damage to the hull the only way is to buy a cover in the form of a 30 mm steel bar? In General, HTC has once again proved that buying her a smartphone makes no sense – too expensive and too useless. The brand has lost its value.

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