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Smartphone BQ Strike 2: a mod with a great design

In the lineup of BQ of the second generation of the popular smartphone model Strike, received the logical name Strike 2. Candy is presented in a plastic case with a metal back and can be positioned as a crisis, as it is in the neighborhood of $100 at the current rate, possesses a number of interesting competitive advantages.

Smartphone BQ Strike 2, also known as BQ-5057, in our country is estimated at 5800 rubles and is available in three body colors: dark gray, black and gold. The choice depends on just tint the rear, while the front part remains black. On the test we did the dark grey variant of the device.



For their smartphones BQ developed a unified style packaging, and new Strike 2 was no exception. Here we see the combination of white and red colors with Golden embossing as well as the maximum information content.

So, the box has photos of candy available in all colors and from all angles, as well as a detailed list of its specifications. The manufacturer has not forgotten to provide data about the configuration: is there a list of all the in box accessories.



Compared to many other smartphones at the price range of $100-$110, Strike 2 BQ stocked up pretty well, as more manufacturers begin to skimp on the accessories. Here this is not observed.

In the box with the phone the buyer will find the manual, warranty card, charger, data cable and that you often have to buy a separate headphones, and vacuum. Moreover, the screen is already factory-applied protective film.



More detailed specifications of the smartphone BQ Strike 2 described on the official website, but buying in a regular store for evaluation will be enough of those data, which are listed on the back of the packaging. The manuals supplied with this information duplicated.

– screen: 5 inch, IPS, 1280×720 pixels;

– processor: MediaTek MT6580, 4 core, 1.3 GHz;

– memory: 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM, microSD up to 64 GB;

interface: 2xSIM, microSD, 3,5 mm, microUSB 2.0;

– wireless interfaces: Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 n, FM, GPS;

– work in networks: GSM, 3G;

– camera: front 5 MP, the main 13 MP;

– OS: Android 7.0 Marshmallow, the interface Yandex.Launcher;

– battery: removable, 2500 mAh;

– dimensions: 144х72х10 mm;

– weight: 162 grams;

– body: plastic and metal;

– color: Golden, dark grey, black;

features: support OTG.


At the disposal of the smartphone has almost the most advanced operating system, complemented by the ability to connect USB peripherals. And here is the support of cellular networks 4G here somehow missing.



BQ Strike 2 performed at the classic smartphone form factor, but stands out for its back panel is made of a deliberately unpolished metal and endowed with plastic inserts on top and bottom for output antennas connected. The cover also captures a side edge, why it seems like the phone has a solid aluminum body, and he, no doubt, at hand.

The front panel of the smartphone is plastic and black, with three separate touch-sensitive buttons under the screen. The display has a wide side frame, and right above it are the front camera, flash for her, light sensors and proximity and earpiece mesh. The back side is the abode main camera with flash, the manufacturer’s logo and grille main speaker. All wired interfaces here placed on the upper end, and the bottom has only the microphone, plus there are three buttons on the right side – two of them are responsible for the volume, and the third turns on and off the screen and the whole gadget as a whole.



Due to the pleasant roughness of metal covering the side plates, BQ Strike 2 won’t slip out of your hands. Rear panel almost does not collect fingerprints, and the film on the screen, on the contrary, immediately covered them, but cleaned moderately easy.

Smartphone lies in the hand comfortably, and its weight in the amount of 162 grams is almost not felt. In addition, it has many 5-inch devices, which makes it attractive to girls and lovers of small and at the same time funkionalnoy means of communication.

Under the back cover are two SIM slots, one of which allows you to change the card without removing the battery, but the microSD card without prior de-energization of the change will not happen. However, the inscription No Hot Plug points directly to the need of pulling out battery from its slot. We note immediately that the rear panel is damn hard to remove – use your fingernails to do it we strongly recommend that, otherwise after purchasing the mobile phone will have to spend more on a manicure. What is important is the wrong choice of place for the main speaker – he always closes by hand, and the sound is not muted from the table, you will have to put the phone face down. although, in this film, so that’s okay.

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Separately thank BQ for something that did not deprive us of the touch buttons under the screen. Yes, they didn’t have a backlight and a mirror located relative to the standard sequence, but they are not part of the usable area of the display.


Build quality

Due to the fact that the battery cover is sitting in their mounts very tightly, BQ Strike 2 causes the feeling of solidity of the structure. The phone does not creak even on the bend, but quite a bit to rattle the side buttons. The gaps between the elements exterior, even minimal, there are no – all fit very tightly and accurately, and the battery does not fall out of its slot.



Display BQ Strike 2 is IPS with HD resolution and a diagonal of exactly 5 inches. The panel is characterized by bright white color without a care in warm colors, good viewing angles, which is well seen on the photo, and lack of grit.

Sun-screen smartphone behaves predictably: fading was observed, but approximately 85%, so with a special desire to read the information.

The smartphone handles the touch of wet fingers, but the gloves, by itself, does not react. The maximum number of simultaneous touches 2, and that’s enough for the vast majority of the most frequently used gestures. On the other hand, some games may require more than two simultaneous touches, and play them on this device will not work.


BQ Strike 2 has a basic speaker of average volume for calls, music and movies, it lacks only in the closed and not very noisy environments. On the street or in the car is very likely to miss an incoming call.

The microphone of the smartphone one, so that the noise reduction system here. The wind on the microphone does not react, but with street noise only 3 points out of 5. Earpiece BQ Strike 2 seemed to us a very loud, excellent sound in almost any environment im sure.

Regular headphones was surprisingly good, if you compare them with cheap headsets. The volume is more than acceptable, but it suffers from the depth of sound when listening to music – the “bottom” is severely lacking. Ears complete headset sits very tight, almost not letting the outside noise, and it is very useful when speaking, for example, in public transport, which is always, to put it mildly, not very quiet.



The main camera at BQ Strike 2 has a resolution of 13 megapixels and flash on the basis of a single led. The photos are saturated with color and very bright, however, like many state employees, this camera have good exterior lighting, preferably natural. As soon as the light dims, the image noises appear, although you can select any shooting mode, which slightly improves image quality. Flash here absolutely does not help: one diode, though not the brightest, gives very little light, so it’s just a flashlight, and nothing more.

5-megapixel front camera takes about the same quality pictures in different lighting and on a solid “four”. Here flash though also single, but works much better the main. The only thing: in the absence of lighting quality selfie for many will be poor

In General, the operation of the cameras can be evaluated on a score of 4 out of 5. For its price range BQ Strike 2 shoots quite well.


Software and memory

Strike 2 BQ on the Android operating system 7.0 Nougat from Google with an additional launcher from Yandex. This shell is impossible to remove with standard tools – or to put Ruth, or install any other interface on top of it.

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OC here augmented by the gesture support: for example, you can activate the smartphone by double tap. In addition, the possibility to adjust not only the system font size, but the scale of the entire image on the screen that will allow you to display more information at a time.

Smartphone is not so much the extra software, only 7 applications, which are usually not pure Android”, but almost all of them embedded in the firmware and not removed. This includes programs Apps Press, which sasparilla both desktops with shortcuts on useless apps from Google Play.

To remove all this garbage is possible by means of rooting, but in this case there is the probability of losing the warranty on your smartphone. There are less harmful but certainly effective solution: download the app Quick Shortcut Maker, make a shortcut to the settings menu to All apps and without rooting disable and stop unneeded software. Checked – works.

After the first run, the user is available a little less than 400 MB of RAM of 1 GB and a little more than 4 GB of ROM out of a total 8 GB.



Android OS 7 feels very good on a device with 1 GB of RAM – lags were observed only after the very first boot after a restart of the smartphone no longer appeared. Algorithms save RAM work well, especially after removal of non-standard, but for 2017 1 GB of RAM still not enough: memory fit two or three most severe application, or, for example, one Navigator, and the rest of the program simply unloaded from it.

BQ Strike 2 was tested in the benchmark Quadrant Standard, AnTuTu and GeekBench, and the results of the inspection in which you can see in the screenshots. Not the most top-end MediaTek processor MT6580 shows the class, demonstrating good computing power for its level. However, its graphics by today’s standards is too old, so can only dream about ultra graphics settings in the latest toys.

And yet, for the device for $100 BQ Strike 2 gives a very good performance. Yeah, he’s not playing, but he is not positioned, so the performance of the device is consistent with its value.


Work offline

BQ Strike 2 is powered by a removable battery capacity of 2500 mAh and therefore can not boast of significant autonomy. But very bad to call her too – she is quite normal.
For standard use in the “bit of everything” smartphone lasted for a little more than a day. What I would like to draw special attention to, is the rapid leakage of the charge in the interval from 10% to 0%, and to correct this defect did not happen, even with calibration.

Intensive exploitation with almost maximum brightness of the screen put battery in 6 hours, that is, smartphone is enough for one day, even if very actively “work” in social networks, messengers and other important business areas.

To charge from the regular memory at 1 amp takes about three hours, but the smartphone did not mind to eat and more serious memory, practically not heated. A 1.5 amp charger, for example, made up some of the energy of the battery in 2.5 hours.



Smartphone BQ Strike 2 can definitely be called a kind of image as the design, especially in inherited body colour is its main feature. He also stands out for its excellent performance, great equipment and good cameras.

Slightly spoils the impression irremovable, including Yandex.Launcher that not everyone will be like, but ways of addressing this issue is, so it’s not so bad.

Overall impression BQ Strike 2 positive, during the text, the smartphone did not cause downright negative emotions, except for a very tight rear cover. For the money this is a very decent camera, and we definitely recommend it for purchase.


Pros BQ Strike 2

metal rear panel;

– modern OS;

good camera;

– bright screen;

– advanced package.


Cons BQ Strike 2

– lack of support for 4G;

– back panel too tight.

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