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Smart air conditioning with Hisense FREE Match DC Inverter

Each room, be it an apartment, office or private house need a correctly designed air conditioning system. Often, this means installing multiple split systems, resulting in the “overgrowing” of the external facade units, which not only spoils the aesthetics, but also increases noise and vibration load. Fortunately, all this can be avoided if you install a multi split system. Consider what the advantages and disadvantages of this solution on the example of system Hisense DC Inverter FREE Match.


Because of the multi split system allows you to adjust the temperature in multiple rooms using only one outdoor unit, it may give the wrong impression that such equipment and its installation should be cheaper than traditional approach. Unfortunately, the situation is reversed: the design of the configuration is more complicated and expensive than conventional (due to the complicated scheme, naturally, more expensive basic units, etc.), but the reliability requirements are put forward higher because the resource of the external module will not produce one indoor unit, but several, and if at least one of them operational, it should work external. Installation requires high skills and greater amounts of consumables during the laying of the track, since the indoor units may be located at a considerable distance from the external. Another misconception concerns the possibility of using multiple indoor units in different modes simultaneously: in fact, if one room is air cooling, then another use Parking will not succeed.


All of the above, the application configuration may be the only way, for example, in the case that there is a ban on installation of more than one block, so as not to spoil the architectural appearance of the building. As it is an external module produces the most noise and vibration, the use of one unit will not only help to reduce the negative impact, but also to locate it away from bedrooms.

Choosing a multi system, you can save on annual maintenance because clean and refill the freon need in one unit, not several. Can be a bit “cheat” by selecting the output of an external unit is somewhat less than the total capacity of the inner, because at the same time not all of them will work at maximum.

Such systems allow to vary the internal blocks of channel or cluster solutions that can perform the conditioning of larger premises, and the possibility of flush mounting allows to implement interesting design ideas.

Plug Hisense FREE Match DC Inverter

The size and weight of the outdoor unit varies depending on the performance: a large case allows for a greater area of the radiator to cool the freon. The cooling fins are covered with a special composition that prevents the appearance of rust, and the refrigerant surpasses the Japanese Toshiba compressor assemblies with highly efficient insulation and double rotor rubidium magnet, increasing the efficiency of the work. Converter own design equalizes the voltage on the compressor that allows it to operate in a wide voltage range and with increased efficiency.

The system uses modern refrigerant R410A brand that does not contain harmful to the environment and people substances. FREE Match pereohlazhden the condensate, which allows to use a longer route (60 m), and with the fins of the tubes of the track, further increasing the heat transfer area.

The special shape of the three blades of the fan allows more effectively remove heat from the radiator, which in turn allowed us to reduce the size of the outdoor unit and the generated noise. The heated tray allows the system to operate on heating, at a time when the outside temperature reaches -15 degrees. In other words, if we are talking about the country, it is possible to completely abandon the traditional heating system and to trust Hisense.

Inundercuts modules Hisense FREE Match DC Inverter

The system is able to work with internal modules of various designs: the three types of wall-mounted, duct, cassette and floor-to-ceiling that allows you to choose for every room the best option. If you use two indoor unit, then a good choice would be a multi system with a capacity of 4.1 kW or 5.2 kW, three 7 kW, and if the four – 8,2 kW or 10 kW. For when you must use 5 for internal modules, there are advanced (and therefore more expensive) solution Hisense ULTRA Match DC Inverter, which, thanks to the technology master valve facilitates installation and maintenance, and also allows you to use a longer route.

Internal modules can operate in four modes: heating, cooling, dehumidification, and ventilation. In automatic mode, the control Board independently sets the parameters and modifies the fan speed according with room temperature and function “iFeel”, allows you to read data not from the body of the air conditioner, and a sensor located in the control panel, directly by the user. Thanks to technology 4D AUTO-Air air flow evenly throughout the room, increasing comfort. Mode “Sleep” puts the system in silent mode, and the default “Super” allows you to change the temperature in the room most quickly.

Indoor units are equipped with cleaning and ionization of air, and in the most advanced there is the self-cleaning action with plasma. Technology “Autorestart” FREE Match allows you to restore your settings after a power outage. Using five valves with electronic control, the system delivers refrigerant to the indoor units in different proportions, allowing you to keep each room its own microclimate.

One of the main advantages of Free Match is to use the inverter technology, both in the outer and inner modules, with all the associated benefits compared to the classic:

– high system reliability (warranty 3 years);
– low power consumption (energy efficiency class A++);

– the temperature is accurate to 0.5 degrees;

– low noise level: 55 dB(A) for the outdoor unit, and 19.5 dB(A) for internal.

– as the outlet air is warmer, and ill, sitting under the air conditioner will be more difficult.

System FREE Match can be controlled using a conventional remote control and wired remote controller installed in a convenient location. In addition, Hisense allows use of a single control module based on the controller YJE-C01T(E), which allows you to set settings for the whole system, and specific conditioning.


As you can see, the application configuration allows you to bypass restrictions on the number of external modules to reduce noise and vibration, but to save the finances to purchase the equipment or its installation will not work. The inverter system Hisense FREE Match DC Inverter has good performance, low power consumption and high reliability. Through the use of ducted and cassette indoor units, the system can serve large areas and the installation can be done silently. Work not only for cooling but also for heating, and also heating of the pan Hisense makes the system useful not only in summer but in the offseason. For ease of management provided by the use of a single remote control.

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