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Small apartment in Kiev has added to the cost

Маленькие квартиры в Киеве прибавили в стоимостиHousing in a large area, on the contrary, loses value.

Studio accommodation in Kiev added to the cost. So, in April 2017, compared with March, the average price of secondary housing in Kyiv fell by 0.2% to 1 thousand 265 dollars. per sq. m. About this review of the market situation reported by analysts Pai “Capital estate”.

The decline in housing prices in large areas one-bedroom apartments showed growth. On average, “odnushki” went up by 0.9% to 1 166$. per square meter.

Two bedroom apartments have lost in the price of 0,2% (1 of 307 thousand dollars. per sq m), two-bedroom fell by 1.3% to 1 thousand 282 USD. for “square”.

The most significant decrease was recorded in the segment of elite housing – 1.9% to 1 413 thousand dollars. per sq. m.

In April, the districts of Kiev was evenly divided on the price dynamics: in the five boroughs average prices rose (from 0.04% in Desnyanskiy to 1.6% in goloseyevsky) and five decreased (-0.3% in Obolonskyi to -0.7% in the crypt). The average price in the cheapest price segment (20% of the apartments in the lowest price segment) in April remained unchanged at $ 721. per sq. m. Among the apartments expensive segment average prices decreased by 0.7% to 2 208 thousand dollars. per sqm the Most expensive housing in Kiev, still, in the Pechersk district, where the average cost per square meter is 2 thousand 46 dollars and the cheapest district on the level of average prices for housing – the Desna. There, the average cost per square meter in March, amounted to 868 USD.

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