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Slogans like “For the Motherland! For Stalin!“ we didn’t have

Лозунгов вроде „За Родину! За Сталина!“ у нас не было

“Of slogans like “For the Motherland! For Stalin!” we did not have”

The horror and meanness of the great Patriotic war through the eyes of a soldier

In Day of memory and grief we publish fragments of war memories of Michael Sukneva “Notes of the commander of the penal battalion”. A native of the Altai territory, Mikhail Ivanovich, 1941 and for more than three years of fighting on the front lines, commanding a rifle and, later, the penal battalions. The memory of the veteran of the evidence of the meanness of the Soviet command, draws a picture of the horrors of war and portraits of soldiers. However, in his memoirs Sukneva excerpts from the memoirs of Marshal Kirill Meretskov: thus, the reader sees the war from the trenches, and of the staffs.

1941: “Our infantry broke the enemy’s defenses with a bayonet and grenade, suffering heavy losses”

We, the scouts, sent to Ilmen-lake [near Novgorod]. Blizzard, winter began as it should. To the Germans three kilometers. Looked through binoculars, I decided to go for “language”. Three days later, went fifteen men with rifles. I’m the platoon commander. Go around the hole in the ice, from the water — vapor mist. And suddenly out of the mist we face the Germans, also intelligence, the same person. Around the quiet, no bogorotsky, three kilometers of clean snow… We’re in the middle of the lake, between us for a few meters. Stood. What to do? Rifle is rifle, automatic is automatic. Melee. We will opalovani, they have all cut. And those, too, I think. They don’t know that we have rifles, weapons of swirling white. To go on self-destruct nobody wants… We are going back, and they. Backed, backed away and disappeared. We returned, to the particular Department about this, of course, no sound, all can jail.


By the end of January it became obvious failure Luban operations. The reasons for the failure indicated the Volkhov front commander K. A. Meretskov in his memoirs “In the service of the people.” He writes: “the Overall correlation of forces and means by the middle of January was, if not to take into account armored forces in favor of our troops: people — 1.5 times, in guns and mortars — and 1.6 to 1.3 times. At first glance, this ratio was quite favorable. But when you consider the poor provision of weapons, ammunition, all types of supplies, finally, arranging troops and their technical equipment, our “superiority” looked in a different light.

A formal advantage over the enemy in artillery was no lack of ammunition. What is the use of silent guns? The number of tanks not provided maintenance and support of even the first echelon of infantry.

The 2nd Shock and 52 of the army in General to the beginning of the offensive had tanks. We conceded to the enemy and as the aircraft, having mostly fighters obsolete and the night light bombers U-2.

Лозунгов вроде „За Родину! За Сталина!“ у нас не былоMichael Suknev Wikipedia

Our troops were inferior to the enemy in technical terms at all. German units compared to our had more automatic weapons, vehicles, means of mechanization of construction of fortifications and roads, were better provided with means of communication and alarm systems. All army front were we have pure infantry. The troops moved only on foot. The artillery was horse-drawn. In the train was mainly used by horses. The mobility of the troops was very slow.

Our infantry due to the lack of tank and air support was forced to break the enemy’s defenses with a bayonet and grenade, incurring heavy losses… it Should be noted, for example, that newly arrived portion of the 59th and 2nd Shock armies, formed in a short time, have not completed the full course. They were sent to the front, having solid skills in tactics and the handling of weapons”.

1942: “We found out the full price of many of our “fathers-commanders”! Penny!”

The battalion every four months changed almost completely. Killed, wounded, died from heart failure, scurvy and tuberculosis. Were units… We don’t have time to count comrades, as they took a lead storm. Today received with the “big land” replenishment, and by morning, many are dead… the Wounded were carried in bulk in sheeted trucks. Through the cracks in the bottoms of bodies flowed the blood, congealing in the air. The frost came by night in minus forty… Watch a movie “romance” of war, and you wonder: where was she?


In this war those who passed through the sea of fire in the front lines fighting and miraculously survived, learned in full the price of many of our “fathers-commanders”! Penny!!! The color of the army, the top commanders and commanders, “the leader” with the henchmen of the NKVD “promptly” sent to another world like in favor of the German command. A little before the war remained in our army intelligent officers and generals. Vasilevsky, Rokossovsky, chief of staff Shaposhnikov…

At his level, I met a little decent commanders. The rest were brought in from the rear… No initiative. While there is no order, not going anywhere. And the order arrives too late…

I only write what I had to see and experience. How much wasted blood has been shed by the river, under the command of General of the army K. A. Meretskov, commander of the Volkhov front…

Лозунгов вроде „За Родину! За Сталина!“ у нас не былоThe initial period of the great Patriotic vainisi defense

K. A. Meretskov in his memoirs “In the service of the people” recognizes that “poorly selected individual warlords. Allow myself to dwell on the characteristics of the commander of the 2nd Shock army Lieutenant-General G. G. Sokolov. He came to the army from the post of Deputy people’s Commissar of internal Affairs. Took up the cause hotly, gave any promises. In practice, he did not succeed. It was evident that his approach to solving problems in a combat situation based on long-outdated notions and dogmas. Here is an excerpt from his order No. 14, dated 19 November 1941:

“1. Walking, crawling like flies in the fall, cancel the order and continue in the army go like this: military step — yards, them and walk. A crash and a half, and press.

2. Food is not Laden order. Among the battle and March of the interrupt for Breakfast. In war order Breakfast in the morning, before dawn, and lunch — before dawn, in the evening. The day will be able of bread or a biscuit with your tea to chew on — well, no — and thank you for this, good day not especially long.

3. To remember all, both chiefs and ordinary, young and old, that columns more than a company can not walk, and actually at war for a hike — night, then, and March.

4. Cold is not afraid, the women of Ryazan not to get oneself, be good and frost not to give in. Ears and hands RUB it in snow!“

Why not Suvorov? But it is known that Suvorov, in addition to impact catchy, penetrating into the soldier’s soul orders, cared about the troops. He demanded that all were well clothed, armed and fed. Ready to fight, he took into account every detail, personally engaged in reconnaissance of the area and the approaches to the fortifications of the enemy. Sokolov thought the whole thing in a dashing piece of paper, and was mainly confined to only orders”.

Лозунгов вроде „За Родину! За Сталина!“ у нас не былоParade rehearsal in Mosquero / Keystone Press Agency / Global Look Press

To these words I should add that the particularly cruel and inept was our commander of the 52nd army, Lieutenant General Yakovlev. Instead of having to supply the army, quite a few required ammunition, he drove the battalions and regiments in advance of the failed operation with heavy losses, what I saw and experienced… About Yakovlev said at the headquarters of the army: “Incompetent and Martinet!”

It was not better and 1349 the commander of our regiment, of the captains who became a major, Philippovich Ivan Lapshin. It was a model of incompetence and stubbornness, indifference towards subordinates and merciless to them. Terrible man — a commander in a combat situation. He talked through his teeth and rarely, mostly interjections. Any books it can be seen, over a lifetime did not read, but his superiors were man and looked respectable… he Commanded razvedrota in a tank division, but the military education had approximately a three-month course. A little part in the Civil war. Those I met in the future, as ordered.

[…] Lapshin has decided to allow exploration in the search for the “language” through the ice of the Volkhov. Six Russian heroes from twenty to twenty-five years in camouflage with rifles (rifles were not even in the division) moved obliquely to the German defense, and then the glowing missiles. It was quite clear: people in the moonlight through the clouds would be shot for sure! And so it happened: not even allowing to the wire, Fritz shot with machine guns our intelligence. Puffing on his pipe, our regimental commander silently turned and strode to his headquarters. Neither OHA, nor breath. The scouts lay there in the snow to blizzards, when they were taken away and buried. Then I realized that this terrible man. And tried not to meet him.

[…] It is better to be under the enemy’s fire than to see Lapshin. Here we were, at least in the fire of hell, but far from incompetent superiors.

To us it was possible to get only sandy beach of the river Volkhov, at night. Day shore shoots the enemy with a coastal ledge of a kilometer. To prevent any “Commission” or inspection of the regiment and division, on the advice of the battalion commander Aleshin I opened fire from a machine gun at the firing point of the enemy on the coastal ledge, which was above our just some meter. Fritz answered, and bullets rained down “along the Petersburg” — on the beach. Uninvited guests “sling his hook”, and not having been with us.


In early March 1942, we are literally “floated” — trenches filled snow water after heavy thaws. Throughout the defense, especially the Bank of the Volkhov, was vydavali hundreds and hundreds of dead Germans, Spaniards from the “Blue division”, our soldiers and commanders… We found ourselves in the middle of a vast cemetery. Nights funeral team from the division or army collected our own, put them “stacks” along the shore, to later include a beach, drive to the rear. There now stands a tall concrete monument over thousands of our war dead as heroes.

Come to your KP company in the centre of defence, from my blindata — descent into the log, followed by the view into the distance along the shore. And are the “Copen” our soldiers, many barefoot… an Eerie sight — dozens of these “mounds” of dead bodies, where every minute may be one of us! The Germans and Spaniards were lying in one and sometimes in groups, as they are winter killed our soldiers. At night I usually moved dashes, on top, next to the trenches and tunnels messages, which will immediately draw water and mud boots full. But to turn aside be: in darkness will stumble on like a metal arm or leg still not thawed out corpse… Later we will bury the corpses of our enemies where they lay, and in holes a meter deep. They then at night shone with some flickering fire…

Лозунгов вроде „За Родину! За Сталина!“ у нас не былоThe Defense Ministry’s Website

One else died here? Perhaps, in the same way. In neutral I counted German corpses thousands of four-five. The Spaniards the half we perekolotil, half frozen. Once we went into their dugout, 10-12 people lie, everyone froze. The documents were collected, returned. Awards not received, “language”alive needed. Look, sometimes, in the telescope or binoculars is the enemy, wrapped blankets, which scored in the neighboring village, and jumps. We were laughing, we were dressed warmly.


With us — foreman company Sevastian Kostrovsky, he is also a freelance clerk, recently from the rear, the rural teacher volunteer. Tells us how the new strength of a platoon, they are a few days ago moved from Ants through the village Dubrovyne. From the Ants on the field width of two kilometers through the village, polumogina, where fierce fighting in December, the whole space lying our dead soldiers. After death they have grown large nails, hair, beards and mustaches. […]

Suddenly heard outside a mine explosion, and in our dugout-the dugout burst time. Falling, he managed to say: “you Bastards killed!” Not letting go of the rifle, he fell under our feet with the cut-in-half skull — blood spilled all over the floor! Only with the dawn I stepped from the heart what happened, for the umpteenth time, with yet another defender of the bridgehead.


In Lelyavina remained without owners huge grey-blue fat cat. Vaska — so I called him. If he became a “gunner”, staggering in all the dugouts were everywhere, and “our” — Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Consider, as cheese in butter rolls. Once he was wounded in the leg, I carried the cat into medinvest to Gerasimov. Cured. Again, the wound — splinter did the cat in the crook of the nose hole and began to sniff; then he ran to the Gerasimov treated! Clever, but not a cat!

Once I get to the dugout and felt the perfume. A girl?! Do not understand where these flavors. I once watched as a cat a mouse, Fritz, watching in optics sniper rifle from the loopholes of the bunker behind the log. Moved the eye to the neutral. Can’t believe my eyes. Thought rabbit sneaking through the minefield of the enemy, but no — Vaska! Yes, so gently, the blade will not touch. Cat walked briskly from the enemy to us! In the evening he came for supper with us, and he again breathed perfume… Krauts… they Have it for Breakfast, we had dinner. The Germans still spattered and spirits.


From mid-January to July 1942, the battalion was not to wash in the bath. Did not change linen. I obnosis completely. The boots were German with baggy tops. Linen is made of black silk, even the parasites were rolled down and we were relatively clean. “Washed” during the night, undressing to his underpants and into the snow! The water was at a premium. In the snow mass of dead, and Volkhov ice frozen up to five feet. Bring ice and put in buckets on the stove…

With the line happens I have cool conversations. Enclosed we are, as I said, to the fact that the corpses of the Germans were shooting boots. It’s come to our own suppliers! Come to him:

Will give you a uniform?

— Yes you still will kill…

— Now to make it! Otherwise it will blow up. Grenade throw, I would have gone, but you’re staying here, — I’m kidding.

— Now, now! Write the coast to put the first battalion!


As punishment for excessive drinking, simply put drunkenness, ordered the gunner Orlov, the man of twenty, the mighty wrestling of warehouse, pull a sled with boxes of ammunition for a battalion in Terence.

— Oh, comrade company commander! Always ready! cried absolutely fearless eagles, this happy-go-lucky fellow. I used to search it, put in an abandoned dugout on the ice for sobering up, and he POPs his head up from there, holding up a hand with a flask full of vodka, shouting: “Comrade company commander! Prohibite to me!” I waved his hand: not reached to the drunken state, and that is fine.

From the left Bank of beaver Creek at the mouth we crawl across the ice. Cargo rounds are decent, but Orlov uneasy. When we near the cliff above the Volkhov ironed bellies ice on top we called German hour, we came to a standstill. After lying motionless, went on and successfully appeared in Terence. Having been “away”, the light went back. And again Fritz we called. The eagles, without a word, darted up, and in seconds reached the trench and twisted the Fritz, so that he gave up the Ghost. Orlov got the machine and several charged horns. He was showing off with a gun in the battalion, because we have their machine was not the unit! One day he came to us as the Colonel Olkhovsky, warm up in the bath and took Orlova machine, for which he got a medal “For courage” (the second battalion after me). Then I learned the truth: these athletes as eagles, are not made, they are born as Stenka Razin.


Surrounded and, one might say, lost the 2nd Shock army of General Vlasov] even in August and September 1942, there were our people, or rather, crawled exhausted, as dystrophic. To our company crawled three: the Colonel of medical service. — the woman, the captain of the special Department, and senior Lieutenant. In the forests they even ate horsemeat-carrion… Someone put the good captain a piece of bread with butter. The doctor had this bread to snatch from the hands of the captain, he swallowed half and through the second huddled in convulsions, and died!.. Such people hard alloy would have to be the front commander Meretskov to reward, to represent the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, but alas…

1943: “His eyes saw the dominance of sycophants and unscrupulous careerists”

I — to Lapshin. Ask him to cause division commander Olkhovsky and to cancel the assault [of Novgorod] without a proper artillery barrage. After all, our regiment, one battery, artillery is a drop in the ocean. Say:

— Comrade Colonel, call the division commander. Set aside. You’re killing us send. All! Alive no one gets out.

— I can not! The order of the commander! — retorted on the surface.

I almost begged not to destroy not only the battalion but also the whole band, because we see the belfry of Novgorod. It meant the enemy we just shot on this floodplain ice field! Did not help! I was he headed to Olchowska, to division headquarters, in the middle of the forest. But Lapshin “showed character”:

I forbid it, captain Suknev!

Here could be followed by severe punishment for contacting the chain of command, bypassing the direct commander!

6:45. The team there. Well, I think, canceled the assault… But there it was. The duty of the operator of the battalion passed from Lapshin:

— Begin the storm! Team zero-first!

We realized that we of this battle alive not to go. Embraced. The company commanders, our staff said goodbye to each other… And no calls, no slogans like “For the Motherland! For Stalin!” we had no… It had to be seen. It was a truly mass heroism not seen me ever! These Russian wonder-heroes went to die in the line of duty before the Motherland. Not for Stalin, not for the party. For your home and family hearth!

[…] See the thunderous wall of steel like a tsunami bearing down on us! And came the continuous explosion, which I almost burst eardrums in the ears, and many permanently deaf. The Germans opened fire from 500, if not more, guns, and shells fragmentation-high explosive or shrapnel! Reaching the ground, they rushed over it in 10-15 metres, affecting all living things… Across our killed, two or three, but it was not the corpses, it was the disembodied remains. Empty uniforms, without heads, empty bags, boots, even without bones! The explosion of a high explosive projectile over his head — and man no, he’s already “missing”. With the explosion of the shell temperature reaches two thousand degrees, and the man evaporated instantly.

Лозунгов вроде „За Родину! За Сталина!“ у нас не былоThe Defense Ministry’s Website

Somewhere for dinner over our heads clicked a bullet, obviously snipers, not one. According to whom? We did not immediately understand. And suddenly on the edge of the crater grew to its huge growth in a powerful bearish soldiers from hozvzvoda Sorhin! Behind him a thermos of soup. In the other hand the thermos of porridge. The whole Shokhin covered with flasks of tea, water and narkomovskih vodka… One shot flasks, but Shokhin does not notice.

I wish you health, comrade commander! — he roared.

We instantly pulled into the vortex legs. Going to us across an open field, he did not understand that snipers mark it as complete peace of mind of Russian, apparently, confusing the German gunners.

In Lelyavina I copied Shokhin of the gunners, pointing to hasused to Fedorov. Shokhin always fell asleep on the watch in the trenches, but the force had horse. What was required in housware. I took off his medal “For military merit” and stuck it on his chest Shokhin. About yourself: “I still die…”

— Zero-the first is to yourself!

It is to Lapshin. What else he’s up to, don’t know, but it isn’t good — that’s clear.

Since I thought the conversation was short, as a shot:

Why haven’t you collected from the field guns? It smells Tribunal.

— As soon as you release Novgorod, if we are alive, then collect the weapons there, for “earthen rampart” tall with a four-storey house! — I retorted, not caring about his career, because then decided if you survive, then the war will say goodbye to the army, which with his own eyes the dominance of sycophants and unscrupulous careerists.

At this point our conversation ended. What did the battalion? What is there now? What are the losses? — this lapshyn not asked a single question. Told me constantly Tokarev: “Come to me, come on Lapshina… You shoot each other soon will!” I refused. Accustomed to his battalion could not leave them. And these guys all died in Novgorod. 450 men in the ranks were 15…

Two other regiment in the storming of Novgorod suffered minor losses… We are washed in the blood. Loss severe and totally unjustified. And anything with Lapshin and S. Olkhovsky as with geese water. After the war I had stood on that shaft is a huge wall. According to her, the three of you can go. When I told about this storm the tour guide who took us, veterans, Novgorod in 1984, she started crying — didn’t know about how many were killed here.


In the morning, I stayed in the tent — I brought from the workshop of new uniforms. Put it on, I swirled in front of the window of the tent: wrong again, it’s a bit tight tunic under the arms. Suddenly parted the Cape at the entrance, and entered the first Colonel of the quartermaster service Grachev — chief of rear of the front. Behind him moved Meretskov. Above his head is the head of Tymoshenko, then our idol since his appointment as people’s Commissar of defense before the war, when he firmly pulled the army.

Grachev to me. Wagging me back and forth, like a mannequin. Praises:

— Well, great shape. And a perfect fit!

Figure I had a good time, sports. I haven’t had time to open his mouth to report on the Charter as the higher ranks of the retired. And the more we saw of them… This visit left a bad taste of combat. Night we in conversation condemned their “leaders” — not a word from them, no demand, no question that we all here from scratch, and not those who went through the hell of war… Most of combat, having risen to the battalion, not once looking death in the eye, did not even medal, not to mention the orders. So Tymoshenko, not to mention Mareckova, began to fade in my eyes…


See on the left, on the parapet, in all growth there lies a young captain of artillery, according to cinnabar the edges on a brand new (like me) tunic and breeches. The head captain there. Document no. There is such a feature — if you put his head out of the trench, and next to hit the projectile head no, she disappears he Pitied the unfortunate, go on…

I remembered how my Lesbiska “the patch” once went with me to the Sergeant-guard, the observer. After waiting a moment do a shot: I first, he just followed me. Then again, we covered the shells. I managed to jump into the trench, looked back, my companion was not like he disappeared! Then, I returned on its trail, but border guards never found. Remember: when ran, one of the shells exploded behind me, almost near me by air thrown into a trench where we wanted! It became clear: when hit with a projectile in man it disappears, evaporates in the terrible blast temperature. Such victims bureaucracy from the military called missing… So “lost” and my company commander Chirkov Peter under the walls of Novgorod. His mother began to receive a pension only since 1975, due to the fact that said: “went missing”, and he died in the vortex, which dragged the sludge after the explosion of a shell… after 30 years, I finally found the instrument of his death in that battle.

Returned to his regiment. Anyone meets me shy away like the plague! I do not understand, terrible I became some sort or what? Come to synpunkt Nastya Voronina. She saw me, already sat down on the bed with enhanced fright or joy eyes. Asked: what’s going on, why I shy away from? Nastya moaning, told me long ago sent home “death notice” with the notice that I killed. In disbelief, she even put his hand on my shoulder:

— You know, Mike?

— Yes, I am! The devil knows what! — I cried, and I know the essence and details: of the captain, whom I had seen on the parapet without a head from falling of the projectile, in a new uniform jacket was made for me! But did not pay attention to the buttonholes and the edges of the artillery.

1944: “the Latvian village was completely plundered our tylovikov”

Take 20 machine gunners, go boldly to the village. Anyone! Not a soul. Only to hear loud mooing of cows, the neighing of horses, the cackling geese. Taking every precaution, the battalion was involved in the settlement. Check the housing. Anyone. I ordered: “to Take only the sheets on footcloths, but not things. Will be shot on the spot for looting!”

Check the next house. Min no. Open wardrobes full of women’s fur coats, dresses of silk and even from some material that I never seen in my Siberia! The decor — chic! But where are the inhabitants? We get intimidated by the Germans spread rumors about the “atrocities” of the red army, they hide in nearby forests. And the forests here were real, literally the jungle. We watered the cattle. Asked animal feed. The bird poured the grain. And left the village, moving forward, took a new line of defense.

Лозунгов вроде „За Родину! За Сталина!“ у нас не былоParade rehearsal in Moskvina / Global Look Press

Five days later I was in the division headquarters on call. Passing this village, came into the house, covered with tile. And what did I see? Young typists on typewriters chirping. Sleek aides and thieves-intendantin (then become “real Colonel”) then acquired.

Open one, two wardrobes — empty! Go through the village — the houses all pogrebeno. Fences, here and there, people are boarding up their boxes, parcels with good.

Went up to the captain of the medical service of our regiment. He nailed a box with a sewing machine. Another box was already there, ready to be shipped. Lifting his head, the captain greeted me and asked:

— Comrade major, that you are not sending anything home?

I have nothing to send. You’re the Marauder, the latter took a Latvian-workaholic! Bastard! And a few more seconds, I could use your “Walter” — my favorite gun in the war. But then I was called to the battalion commander to solve the “combat mission”… So the Latvian village was completely robbed of our line, but not a military officer, which shook the enemy on all fronts. Although many regimental commanders were dishonest, was sent home that fell into the hands.


The war came to an end. Lieutenant-Colonel in 1941 the Moscow Ossetians Ivan G. Ermichev seemed “stuck with me”. Put me in captured a huge dugout. That’s when I knew for the first time in full: it is better to be at least a little superior than even the great Deputy chief. Yes, this Moody, Ivan Grigorievich. As the smallest occasion he came into the “Caucasian” rage. Could (as the Prince of the mountain) to run in a young girl, a personal chef, a plate of neponravivshiesya soup or soup. Much of the debris in the dugout! Commander it was not enough. No knowledge, no courage, no figures, no vote. All the way, in the middle, mate! He had gone to his wife for a dozen days, as they returned, and later again disappeared into his “house” away from the regiment.


The regiment came a company of snipers… among girls and young women! On the obligation to distribute them to the battalion, and battalion commanders — the companies of the “nests”… Stand before me tall blondes, Breasts is a miracle, and her one or two already of the order of the red banner. If I was a sniper, the reward I would not be above the medal “For courage”. And then women snipers in one order of the red banner, red Star and medals “For courage” — not count… And are big-eyed and looking around in search of the knights. Snipers! All of these situations I’ve seen on the front…

Spread them on the ground. And they disappeared. Neither day nor dawn, into our forward lines don’t hear shooting. Go down the trench in the 1st battalion, the posts are their own, and no female sniper! Located at the bunkers with the platoon commanders, elders of the mouth or with the commanders…

A week has passed. The commander of the sniper company stated to me on the CP of the regiment. And cannot collect their snipers has disappeared in the trenches, and all. Finally found, but three — as the water sank! All know paracstamol Alexei Tsvetkov suggested: “One is hiding someone, a different someone and a third in there somewhere…”

Found. The company commander brought me their books with marks of “killed” the Krauts, confirmed by signatures of soldiers and sergeants. Returning it to him, roughly speaking, bullshit, I said that he took away their snipers, and quickly.

Otherwise, I’ll disarm and sniper rifles, so necessary to us in battalions, will be taken away. The whole battalion we had only one rifle. And then the whole Arsenal…

Лозунгов вроде „За Родину! За Сталина!“ у нас не было“Immortal regiment” in Saint-ПетербургеAndrey Pronin / / Global Look Press

And one more thing. Regimental quartermasters passed the Laundry on the frontline villages women and girls who after finishing work is given a certificate that they were in this regiment, division, etc. After years of these “warriors” from laundresses to become “participants of the great Patriotic war.” Or did some girls on the regimental kitchen 10 kilometers from the position, and having received such information, was returning home. And they also turns out to be “active participants in the great Patriotic war”! Almost teenagers, and even ordinary 1926 1927 years of birth, just arrived in part in the same our defense, and the war ended. But they, having stayed here a day or less, also “veterans”, and now many of them “invalids of the great Patriotic war”. And we are real soldiers of the red army, which fought for a year, two, three years and four months, was put on half-starved pension. After all, no budget at all, who had help is not enough.


I have been asked time and again questions of correspondents of Newspapers and television: why veterans after the great Patriotic war was often drunk? The journalists, before to take up the pen or the microphone, I would learn the basics of the history of the wars of mankind, and especially the great, of our war! I would know anything about military service commanders of companies and battalions. Generally platoon was killed or received wounds together with the soldiers in the first battle at 100 percent, except for units. Survived only by coincidence, those who are not month-two, and was in the first lines of trenches under a furious fire of the enemy, but a rabid, self-assured in their impunity and in the victory over “russish Schwein”, Russian pigs, they shouted us out of their “nests”… Three years to stay at the front — it was a few people of those who did not rise above the battalion commanders, commanders of battalions and batteries! A month or two, and then a day or two, and your death is inevitable!

The commanders of these grades in other countries got after the war, large pensions, benefits, privileges they did not look at the age and the degree of participation in the Second world war. And we? The shame of it. The guys went back to their modest homes, in Strastnoy poverty. They were uncomfortable, hungry existence.

From the army they were dismissed for health reasons… And no rehabilitation centers. In short, die as you want! And many veterans have found joy, to hasten his death, in vodka, in different alcohol substitutes.

And died, killed in the eyes of the apparatchiks of the CPSU (b) and then CPSU — “guiding and directing”, but who and where?

The soldiers came across a stone wall officials of the party, which crushed the Soviet regime on the ground and the top, pushed the scaffold of its defenders, the real ones, not the wagons, and those who lay with machine guns, fired from guns direct fire at the enemy who spared his life for the sake of truth on earth!.. Now go to the great festivals and see some colonels, Lieutenant colonels, hefty, vigorous participants in the Great Patriotic transports, climb on the television screens, in Newspapers, because we have little remains and there is no one such “fix”.


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