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“Sleeping beauty” king and king gained the cover

A couple of weeks ago the “Zone of Horror” announced a new literary project of Stephen king: a novel called “Sleeping beauty” (Sleeping Beauties), written in collaboration with his youngest son, Owen. Publishing Entertainment Weekly shared the cover of the upcoming edition. And if you follow the link in the Source box down below the news, you can read maaaalenky passage from the novel in English. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.


The novel “Sleeping beauty” tells the story of the near, if not dangerously near, the future and the scene will become the town of Appalachia, the main attraction of which is a women’s prison. At a time when women fall asleep, something happens to them: the body is enveloped in a thin cocoon, and consciousness goes somewhere far away. If you violate the integrity of the cocoon, to disturb this quaint mystical dream, women returning other like ferocious beasts of prey, prone to violence.
Men are thrown into meaningless now rotting world, watching their mothers, wives and sisters turn into sleeping beauties from some new frightening tales. And only one woman, mysterious, evi, were not affected by this strange curse, which, however, may prove to be a blessing. Perhaps, Evie lies the clue to the cure for sleepy pandemic. Or is she the demon who must be destroyed?

As we see, the creative gang king continues to be active. Dad writes long and well, we know him inside out. The eldest son, Joe hill, has also grown into a beautiful writer. With the works of Owen’s domestic familiarity worse, but now maybe there will be a reason to fix it. King Sr. we love, actively publish and republish, so the chances of seeing “Sleeping beauty” in Russian there. But the king is still there, and mom Tabitha writes (in the afterword of his novel “One on One” she thanked “other writers, kindly allowed to use city of Derry”), and sister Naomi, which seems to be also wrote… What can I say? Genes.

In America the “Sleeping beauty” goes on sale September 26 this year.

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