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Slaughterhouse-six or the children’s crusade

Бойня номер шесть или крестовый поход детей

Hey, stick with the bursting head,
Kill them! Tie newsutah!
Come to fight for their rights
The old two thousand seventies.
Harrypotterit points
Free look from under glasses
Hey, crap morels,
Where are you? Can’t see around!
You Sobyanin fireworks
Your brain is noodle pair,
And their “after rain on Thursday”
Not satisfied!
Strong in computer games
With smiles instead of grins
Go to fight young tigers
Against the jackals.
Against the arrests and provocateurs
Against the system
Go offline pictures,
Nicknames, memes.
Yes, in the education of all not just
To hell tips!
Spit on all the young issues
All power to the answers!
His excuse “onizhedeti”
Anyway, as a pole,
But incidentally, these children –
Brave. It happened…
It happened a lot that I did not notice
Will not come
They are now responsible for everything,
Their time will come!
Retired after half a century,
Eyes like razors,
Go for every person
In the crucible of battle.
And you stoop, shake, sweat,
Fear of fire and steel,
Look at the children’s Crusade,
That hands holding rose.

PS Anticipating the comments and questions: I can’t stand the Bulk and supported raising the retirement age (which in Russia has nothing to do with the so-called “reform”). The poem is not about that, and about the protesters children. Our adults are not supported and will not support (unless, likot, and heroism), and hence, there is no hope. Anyone. In addition to those same children, who with the tacit consent of the absolute majority blow sticks from the heads of the very concept of “freedom”. Blaming their exit on the street “provocateurs” Sands provokes condemnation and treat them as idiots and silly. All adults would be so much intelligence and common sense!

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