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Skobeeva laugh attack in the direction of the Ukrainian elections

Скабеева насмешила выпадом в сторону украинских выборовSkobeeva gathered “to choose the President together.”

In the Internet ridiculed the scandalous propaganda of Russian President Vladimir Putin, which talked about the elections in Ukraine.

Appropriate personnel she has published on his page in the social network.

“There is a feeling that the main heat in Ukraine will start again on Sunday. We guarantee you an unforgettable evening. Meet at our YouTube-channel …(the first exit polls, and the candidates will have time to fight). We choose the President together,” reads the video description.

Note that such a bold word propagandist in Ukraine were perceived by the network users with angry response, than they hastened to write in the comments to the post.

“It seems that they are specially Russia tramping in the mud, Right Olga. People need to close their eyes to the chaos and devastation in Russia. Use the hackneyed methods. Abomination,” “what one would expect from nedolyublennosti and evil hysteric”, “nasty sick of you”, “Yes we have the same country is a mess. Talking about this,” they write.

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