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Skewers of freedom!

Шашлык свободы!

To let you know kebab this is a traditional Cypriot dish. Actually the word “barbecue” is nothing like the distorted Greek word “souvlaki”.

However, Cypriots themselves to prepare the skewers do not know. He just skewer pieces of meat on the spit, and auto — forward.

While the Russians prepare the skewers very well and efficiently for a long time in the store choosing the right piece of meat, pre-marinated meat in all sorts of clever marinades, between the pieces of meat strung all sorts of additional loot, put on meat during cooking with wine, beer and all sorts of tricky compositions…

And every Russian own secret marinade and other secrets: someone takes on skewers only the neck, someone just fillet, and all are suitable for cooking very seriously, strangers to the sacred process is not allowed.

At that time, as the Cypriot people, any priest who happens to be nearby, the ready store meat and planted in the grill stuck, though my wife, mother-in-law though, even though my son is a first grader.

When Russians share with the Cypriots the secrets of cooking a proper barbecue, then those the jaw-dropping surprise, and they immediately imbued with a deep respect for Russian culinary talents.

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But in practice Russian recipes are used not in a hurry, and do as before: bought at the store already sliced the meat, put on a spit and — barbecue-car of his… because if you do, like we always do, it turns out as fucking delicious (Cyprus — iperoxa)! And if you do Russian recipe, it turns out… in the suburbs it turns out… some kind of crap, in short.

The answer is simple. All those cunning Russian recipes-marinades, they’re not from a good life arose, and from a desire to somehow give the edible nature of everything that is sold (and often — not sold) under the guise of meat in Soviet shops. What kind of meat on skewers to take? Clearly what! What we can get. If boneless, this is the highest grade. If beef (under the guise of which was the Australian kenguryatiny), then of course, hard. If pork, fat. If lamb, then smelly. Without marinades and watering — can. And onions between the lamb to smell to repel. And fat between the beef so juicy. And the neck would be good to get, because lean and fat almost like marbled beef…..

What do I need to explain! Who lived in the USSR, and so he can understand, and who lived — and to explain to no purpose…

And don’t tell me “it’s different now, heaps of meat”. Dam-it may fill up, only the essence of the shovels from the meat industry remains the same. Well, walk a minute to the meat Department in the supermarket or to the seller at the market and ask them to cut you, say, ti-Bonn. It may happen that he will even know what it is, but the answer is just handed divorce. Because the carcass is initially by Soviet standards chopped so that no tibone from it will not pull out, not pull the sugar from Coca-Cola.

The secret of kick-ass barbecue Cypriots is very simple. You just go to the butcher and tell him: “Cut me a souvlaki two pounds”. He’ll get cut from the sort of nondescript parts of the carcass such pieces that you then the ears are not ottyanesh. And do would you do these parts of the carcass for the barbecue would not have chosen, because the bone is complete and looks doubtful. Whether it is neck – boneless and juicy!

What is it I wrote? Oh, the other day noticed a pattern. In order to understand, forced a Soviet person abroad as a slave or not, is enough to see how he prepares local products…

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