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“Skeletons in the closet” at the home of Hollywood stars. Photo

«Скелеты в шкафу» у главных звезд Голливуда. ФотоInteresting facts from biographies of the stars.

Hollywood stars live for all to see, and sometimes it seems that we know everything about them. But certain information still manages to slip away from a wider audience.

We found an interesting and sometimes surprising facts from the biography of celebrities, and it turned out a kind of “hodgepodge”, which will satisfy all the fans.

15. Sophie Turner is allergic to horses

«Скелеты в шкафу» у главных звезд Голливуда. Фото

As recognized herself an actress, she is an asthmatic from childhood around horses begin to swell up and choke, so on the set in her pocket always has an inhaler.

14. Tilda Swinton and Princess Diana were in the same class

«Скелеты в шкафу» у главных звезд Голливуда. Фото

British actress comes from an ancient Anglo-Scottish family. The history of her family has more than 1 000 years. Tilde was 10 when her parents sent her to study in a closed boarding school in Kent, where he taught the children of British aristocrats, including the future Princess of Wales.

13. Kit Harington to 11 years did not know his full name

Kit — traditional short form of the name Christopher, but the actor has no idea why to 11 years parents hid the truth from him.

12. Benedict Cumberbatch — a relative of king Richard III

«Скелеты в шкафу» у главных звезд Голливуда. Фото

The famous actor is a descendant of the English monarch, the last representative of the male line Plantagenet on the English throne.

11. Cat Chris Pratt is a Snowball from “Stuart little”

«Скелеты в шкафу» у главных звезд Голливуда. Фото

In the family of Hollywood actors Chris Pratt and Anna Faris lives with another star — a cat named Mrs. white. Old in his youth played a major role in children’s film and its sequel.

10. Dev Patel has a black belt in Taekwondo

«Скелеты в шкафу» у главных звезд Голливуда. Фото

The actor admitted that his mother sent him in his childhood in martial arts to channel his violent energy in the right direction. Dev is a professional athlete, he has won prizes at many international competitions.

9. Charlize Theron knows 26 the dialects of Afrikaans

«Скелеты в шкафу» у главных звезд Голливуда. Фото

Little Charlize grew up on a farm in South Africa, where his peers lacked the language of the first Boer settlers. English actress learned exclusively through the television, and the proof is her strong accent that is, until now.

8. Jackie Chan is listed in the black list of insurance companies worldwide

«Скелеты в шкафу» у главных звезд Голливуда. Фото

For many years Jackie Chan during the filming were dislocated pelvis, broken fingers and toes, nose, cheekbones, hips, sternum, neck, ankle and ribs. Why insurance companies refuse to insure the actor and his stunt team, and Chan have to pay for the cost of treatment.

7. One day, Nicole Kidman earned $ 3.71 million in 4 minutes

Promotional video Chanel is the most expensive in the history of business: his shooting has spent $ 11 million, nearly 4 of which went to the performer of the title role.

6. Gwendoline Christie is the tallest Hollywood actress

«Скелеты в шкафу» у главных звезд Голливуда. Фото

The rise of the actress from the age of 14 is 191 cm, but she played basketball in his childhood as you might think. Gwendolyn could be a professional gymnast, if not for a spinal injury for which she had to leave the sport.

5. Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie are friends since 12 years

«Скелеты в шкафу» у главных звезд Голливуда. Фото

Girls practically grew up together, both bright representatives of the Hollywood “Golden” youth. Daddy Kim was a famous American lawyer, and adoptive father of Nicole — pop musician, the author of the hit “Hello” by Lionel Richie.

4. Emma Watson enjoys painting self-portraits

«Скелеты в шкафу» у главных звезд Голливуда. Фото

The house of the actress is full of strange things and her own paintings, which are not inferior in beauty and elegance of the paintings of famous artists.

3. Sandra bullock — the only actress who has received “Oscar” and “Golden raspberry” in one year

«Скелеты в шкафу» у главных звезд Голливуда. Фото

On the 82 th awards ceremony “Oscar” actress won the award for “Best actress” for the film “the blind side”. And for a couple of days before she had to blush for the award for “Worst actress of the year” for her role in the Comedy “All about Steve”.

2. Eddie Murphy is the father of 9 children

«Скелеты в шкафу» у главных звезд Голливуда. Фото

Married to first wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy was the father of five children and two out of wedlock from different women. In 2007, former soloist of Spice Girls Melanie brown gave birth to the actor’s eighth child — a girl, which the father admitted only after the DNA test. 2012 Eddie Murphy Dating model Paige butcher, who in 2016, bore him another daughter.

1. The name Ryan Gosling is translated as “little Royal Gosling”

«Скелеты в шкафу» у главных звезд Голливуда. Фото

The name Ryan is Irish and means “little king” or “little king”. And Gosling is a derivative of goose (“goose”), means “baby goose.”

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