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SKAI introduced the song for “Eurovision-2017”

SKAI представила песню для "Евровидения-2017"Popular Ukrainian rock band SKAI introduced the track “All My Love For You”.

The famous Ukrainian group SKAI decided to take part in the national selection of the Eurovision song contest 2017.

The team will compete for the right to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest.

Popular Ukrainian rock band SKAI present track All My Love For You, who will participate in the national selection for Eurovision 2017. This is the English version of the song I love you submitted earlier.

Track All My Love For You can be called an international work, because it worked some of the best professionals in the field of music. The authors of the words was an American singer-songwriter John hill and producer Slava Makarkin (Slamak Production), which directed the process of recording vocals for renowned Studio Chicago Pressure Point Studio.

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The work also took part the sound producer Tanner sparks (sound producer of Switchfoot), producer Sergey Shakhov (Shakhov Enterprises Holdings Inc.) and Symphony orchestra of the National broadcasting company of Ukraine (conductor-Vladimir Sheiko).

Ada to present you the official version of the track All My Love For You, which we will perform on the stage of the national selection for Eurovision 2017. In parallel with the work on the Ukrainian song, we practiced her English version. To create a powerful sound, we attracted the best specialists of international level, which created, do not be afraid this word, a musical bomb. I want Ukraine has lowered the bar on the international music scene,“ commented the leader of the group Oleg Sobchuk.

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Note that members of the group decided to change its name. Now, the tracks of the band will sound under the name SKAI.

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