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Six ways to learn to eat less

Шесть способов научиться есть меньшеRefrain from overeating effortlessly.

Dream to lose weight, but prevents increased appetite? Here are a few tricks that will help to appease or at least to cheat.

Eat for Breakfast protein foods

Breakfast, rich in protein, accelerates metabolism and improves the control appetite. Excellent sources of this element are eggs, dairy products, soy milk, nuts, seeds and whole grains.

Chew slowly

Rapid ingestion of food leads to weight gain and digestive problems. If you’re slowly and chew every bite, you’ll soon feel that eating much less food.

Get the food out

People eat more often, if the products are in sight. The harder it is to get to the food (even if the whole difficulty lies in the fact that she is in the kitchen Cabinet on the top shelf), the less likely you are to eat it.

Get junk food out of sight

Don’t eat from the package

Instead of eating cookies straight out of the pack, better grab it on a plate. So you will be able to visually estimate the size of the portions and not to reach for the sweet again and again, eating 2-3 times more than normal.

Buy blue dishes

Scientists have proven that plate of red and yellow stimulate the appetite and often lead to overeating. At the same time, the blue color promotes peace and does not eat too much. Get a couple of blue plates, and you’ll subconsciously eat less.

Do not eat before TV or laptop

Nutritionists are sure you want to lose weight? Turn off the TV! Breakfasts, Lunches and dinners in front of TV or computer monitor have a critical effect on the volume eaten – up to 40% of excess food.

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